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#HealthTourism in #Greece Cooperation Agreements signed with the Greek #Diaspora in #US and #Canada

Posted by moodhacker on May 9, 2017 at 8:30 AM

Co-operation agreements  to strengthen health tourism in Greece were  signed in May 2017  by the Health Tourism in Greece Initiatie Head, George Patoulis  with the Federation of Hellenic Societies of Greater New York, and  as well, of Montreal , Canada 

George  Patoulis, Head of Health Tourism in Greece Initiative stated in NY:  

"The Self-government of Greece,  and its strong ally , the Medical and Scientific Community of the country pave the way for national development"

The strengthening of Health Tourism in Greece by the support of the activities of the Federation of Greek Associations of the Greater New York, is provided by the Co-operation Agreement that was signed on May 2, 2017 in New York, by the President of Central Union of Municipalities of Greece , and President  of the Athens Medical Assciation G. Patoulis, with the President of the Federation P. Galatoulas. The agreement was also signed by the assistant professor of dentistry at the University of Athens, Nikos Kouvelas.

Through this particular Health Tourism Cooperation agreement , New Yorkers are given the opportunity to benefit from the medical structures of Greece through certified Health Tourism services, while the agreement also supports the further scientific education of doctors providing their services in Greece.

A similar co-operation agreement was signed a couple of days earlier in Montreal, by the President of  Greek Canadian Federation Nikos Pagonis .

 At the end of April 2017, a two day conference for Health Tourism in Greece took place in Chicago US , by the particition of specialized top quality Greek scientists, presenting their treatments and techniques offered in Greece, many of them , with extra promising results, as are,   in vitro fertilization multiple successful cases, and also dental therapies and proceedures. The low cost of many medical therapies in Greece , which still keep their top quality service and results due to the advanced education of Greece's doctors , make Greece already a distinguised Medical tourism destination. And more is on the way to come, as it is shown so far, by the special interest in the Health aspect of Tourism in  Greece.

In his statements the President of  Central Union of Municipalities of Greece , and President of the Athens Medical Assciation, G. Patoulis,stated the following:

"The specific co-operation agreement we signed with the Federation of Greek Associations of the Greater New York is part of the initiatives we have launched at the global level to strengthen Health Tourism in our country."

George Patoulis flew to  Montreal for a few hours to sign the agreement , after Chicago, where the  two-day conference on health tourism was organized by the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece and the Medical Associait of Athens, where  he also attended the Greek-American parade on the occasion of the Greek Independence   Day anniversary , being the Master of ceremonies at the Parade .

The impressive parade  was attended by hundreds of students of the Greek community, Greek Associations of the Greek community, as well as the Evzones of the Presidential Guard, under the supervision of M. Maragakis, Air Force Officer, Chief of Military Office of the Presidency of the Republic, who and took the warm applause of the attendees, Greek Americans , Americans and Greeks 

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