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The Unique in Greece Spicy Heavy Industry

Posted by moodhacker on March 4, 2017 at 1:30 AM


A brave example of the expolitation of Greece's unique "bptanial garden",  Korres company can be characterized as a development model, and achieved to earn one of the best brand name in world cosmetics market today. George Korres himself  insists, by his recent interview to liberal.gr, that  Greek spices , by the unique Greece's flora, could be the next Huge Industry  of the Country 

Tell us a bit about the notorious  Greece's future in the exploitation of geophysical challenges. Do you think that this could be the next  heavy industry of Greece along with tourism?

Absolutely - our country is the paradise of plants and herbs, uniquely wordwide . The spices can clearly develop into a heavy industry of the country by producing and provinding final products . We have 6,500 plants in Greece, of which 1,200 are endemic. Only Mount Olympus hosts 1,700 plants, and the not to forget , the rock of the Acropolis hosys 300 endemic spices . Only 200 spices have been thouroughtly studied scientifiaclly around the world.  Countries such as Germany and England have just a two-digit number of endemic plants. I think that the prospects are clear.

The vision of George Korres to create products for the skin, based on the beneficial effects of herbs began from the first homeopathic pharmacy in Athens. Since then the company’s growth was rapid, and today it is among the top brands around the world, with presence in 30 overseas markets in 5500 pharmacies throughout Greece. The company currently has presence in Europe (Greece, Germany, Spain, France, England), the United States, Asia (Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia), Africa and Australia.



Experienced botany and agronomy professor Nickolaos Samaridis from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki gave an interview to ANAMPA news service recently, underlining the importance of Greek herbs and plants as well as how they’ve survived from the ancient times of Homer to today.


The names of herbs, their qualities and use have been passed on from generation to generation as a legacy that blended with mythology, traditions and home recipes or remedies.


Almost every place in Greece is known for some particular herbs that are “magical,” to those less familiar with the healing qualities of the plants and their fruits

. “The country is like heaven on earth, especially in the islands of south and central Greece,” noted Samaridis adding that this is the result of the favorable weather and soil conditions.


The island of Crete hosts 33% of the Greek registered flora species, equal to the United Kingdom’s full registered herbs list. Samaridis explained that major geopolitical upheavals that occurred million of years ago contributed to transferring flora species from Asia and Africa to Greece.


Herbs in Greece could cover the nutritional needs of the country’s population up to 80% and strengthen their immune system in natural ways, while the remaining 20% can be covered by imported herbs from abroad.


Each season of the year has its own herbs. In winter time, as the human body needs to fight off the cold and humidity, dozens of herbs can protect the immune system from various infections. Aromatic herbs, such as mountain tea, Sideritis spp, tilia, sage and thyme, are some of the most common to find in Greek homes during winter.


The agronomist also invited young people to explore once again the Greek soils and search for an alternative way out of the economic crisis. Besides aromatic herbs that are ubiquitous in Greece and bring high prices when cultivated, young people could turn to the cultivation of wild bushes and wild plants in general. “We’ve got both the technology and knowledge to support such new cultivations,” underlined Samaridis.



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