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UN Reports Worrying Rise on Missing Migrants Numbers In Greece

Posted by moodhacker on January 28, 2017 at 7:30 AM

The U.N. says there are currently about 50,000 migrants and refugees stranded in Greece, about 13,000 fewer than previously thought, raising the question of whether many are either in hiding or have made their way farther north into Europe., the Wall Street Journal wrote on January 2017


The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees said that, based on its counting for planning and accommodation purposes, its estimates now differ from the data published by the Greek migration ministry, though they both originally agreed. Greek officials still estimate 63,000 are stranded in camps and awaiting processing on the islands and mainland. The lower estimate by the U.N. had been recently reported by The Wall Street Journal.


According to European Union officials, the people missing are described as “no-shows,” since they haven’t turned up at migrant-processing centers for months. They could have been hiding to avoid deportation or made their way on through the Balkans and into Northern Europe, according to the officials.

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