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Alert by Lesvos shoppers, after seriously robbed by migrants

Posted by moodhacker on December 18, 2016 at 8:35 AM

The inhabitants of the Greek island of Lesvos are concerned about the sharp rise in crime ilhile a series of burglaries occurred in the last hours in the administrative center of the island city of Mytilene, according to Star TV channel.


 Only on Friday evening was at least ten cases of burglaries Criminals beat showcases and windows of shops and offices, break out the door., reported the media on Firday December 15, 2016


Police launched an investigation -  five immigrants of Algerian origin, have already been arrested. but in the thefts, there have been participated many more, accordingt t police the media reported 


At the request of the association of entrepreneurs police increased the number  of patrols. 


By an urgen Protection Alert the Chambers Association  of Lesvos  advised its members  


  • to take protective measures and to immediately report any suspicious movement near the shops a nd houses.
  • They are advised not to leave money and valuables in the workplace, use an alarm and shutters.


It is noteworthy that ironically, all of these recommendations have been made the day before, as a series of attacks occurred.


In particular, the criminals robbed the store of optics, two taverns, trying to hack into the office of the state electricity company DEI.



"Unfortunately, the state still does not listen to the  people's appeals to liberate the island and take control of the disadvantaged social groups", - said the Association of Entrepreneurs.

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