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Britain sends experts to Greece to help on better tackling smugglers, while FRONTEX accuses NGOs for colluding with them

Posted by moodhacker on December 15, 2016 at 3:35 PM

The UK is to send a team of experts to Greece to help root out economic migrants from the flow of refugees coming into Europe, allowing them to be sent back quicker, the Indeoendent revealed on  Thursday  December 15, ahead of the same day's EU summit .  


The British officials will take part in the pilot fast-tracking deportation for those not thought to be refugees, in a bid to deter more people from coming ,, the newspaper wrote .


This was announced ahead of Thursday’s EU summit at which Theresa May had planned to discuss mass migration with leaders at the main session, while also having several further one-on-one meetings.



Ms May will send the team of 40 officials to Greece to take part in the pilot, while 110 have already been operating there.


A newspaper's source said, according to the Independent article, that  the purpose of the trial is to “determine the admissibility of asylum claims from Iraqi, Afghan and Eritrean nationals.”


She added: “Claims from those individuals are likely to be deemed inadmissible so rather than going into a certain type of asylum case flow, they go into a faster process which enables you to return them quicker.”


The source explained it was about increasing the “deterrent message”. More broadly, she said the Prime Minister will underline the “huge challenge” in dealing with mass migration and that “a practical, sustainable” way to approach the problem was needed that responded to humanitarian need, but also recognised the way domestic communities are responding.



She added: “A failure to respond risks undermining our values and damaging the consent of our people to provide support to people that need it most.”


The UK Government will also advocate doing more with countries, such as Egypt, Jordan and Turkey, to help them better control their borders and tackling smugglers on the transit routes, according to Independent

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NGO's collude with smugglers, Financial Times wrote

Earlier on Thursday the Financial Times revealed that Frontex , the EU’s border agency  accused charities operating in the Mediterranean of colluding with people smugglers, according to confidential reports seen by the FT newspaper 

Frontex put its concerns in a confidential report last month, raising the idea that migrants had been given “clear indications before departure on the precise direction to be followed in order to reach the NGOs’ boats”.


The agency made the accusation explicitly in another report last week, which stated: “First reported case where the criminal networks were smuggling migrants directly on an NGO vessel”.


NGOs operating in the region emphatically denied working with people smugglers, the Financial Times reported


MSF this year said it would refuse EU funding in protest at the bloc’s handling of the refugee crisis.


Frontex also criticised charities for failing to help with investigations into people smuggling by refusing to collect leftover evidence from rescued boats. “We have an obligation to help save their lives, not perform the duties of security agencies,” said Save the Children, which has rescued 2,400 people in October and November.


The European Commission is examining whether stricter control of non-governmental rescue missions is needed, although officials stressed that legislation was unlikely.


NGOs have played a crucial role in saving thousands of lives in the central Mediterranean, according to the commission, and have “mostly acted in support [of] and close co-ordination” with governments.


Ruben Neugebauer, of Sea Watch, a German charity that runs rescue operations, said the EU was attempting to criminalise the efforts of NGOs in the Mediterranean.

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