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Alert Guidelines for personal safety by the Ministry of Defense in the areas of migrant populations in Greece

Posted by moodhacker on December 13, 2016 at 5:15 AM

Personal Safety Guidelines for the case of any emergency have been sent to the Greek Armed Forces Personel efece by the ministry of the Greek National Defence by official Document that has been published by the of the Greek Defense reporter  Paris Karvounopoulos


The Emergency Guidelnes Document  concerning safety measures for the Armed Forces Personel who are on service on the areas of the country that host Refugee Camps and hot spots has distributed through  the General Staff of National Defence,  reveals the serious safety and security problems that have arosed by the refugee crisis in the areas with  fefugee and migrants popultions in Greece


The document, released by the General Staff of National Defence with the indication Safety , says

 There are signs of "increase in crime in the areas where refugee-migrant reception centers are operated .
  For the safety of the armed forces personnel defensive protected measures are recommendated. which are considered  appropriate to minimize risks.


The measures proposed to be kept 24/7 are:


• Anyone should  avoid walking on foot alone on these areas


• It is better considered to prefer crowded streets when walking on foot in the areas of the country close to hot spots, or in the islands


• Anyone should avoid bringing valuable items on him or large sums of money while moving on foot or alone in those areas


• Army personel that is present on areas around or close to refugee camps, and hot spots, or on the islands that host refugee and migrants should keep in thouch with their families via phone, 24/7, and let the families have acces to contact them , as well as inform the families on their movements in those areas for better safety reasons


• The army personel should have 24/7access to emergecny calls via their cell phone and to the police station of the area via their cell phone emergency calls


• They should be alert in case that someone follows them or watches them, and in this case, they should reach the nearest police station as soon as possible .


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