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The Thermal Spas to Heal Mind and Body in Greece

Posted by moodhacker on November 2, 2016 at 7:25 AM


Amazing healing places, pure nature's thermal spas can be found all over Greece

 Places with warm water springs, where the combination of the essence of nature prime elements, minerals and water mix with the senses.

You can relax and soak your body in these thermal spas that are in big percentage used since ancient times and you uniquely realize  the effects of raw nature force come through the pores of your body. 


Here is a good number of them where the water is considered extremely good and healing for the body. Almost all of them are in places of great beauty, green and quite serene.


Thermal Spas at Greek Islands


Kythnos. Here the thermal spa is inside an old hotel at the city of Loutra.

Ikaria. The spa is located in a semi-building, part cave, facility. The feeling after 20 minutes in the water is quite relaxing and you can second it with the hot room where the water drips quite hot from the walls on your body. A massage and soak at the same time.

Santorini. This one is not so organized but the thermal springs are heated by the active volcano…

Thermal Spa in Evoia


Edipsos. For long Edipsos is a resort for people with chronic issues who went there to cure from them and still is one of the most known (bit remote) places in Greece for that.

Thermal Spas at mainland Greece


Loutra Pozar. Located at Northern Greece, works all year around and is rather famous for their open facilities in winter. The open pool (there is an indoors too) is next to the waterfall and river and brave ones try the hot & freezing cold soak in the waterfall (known from antiquity, the proper soaking in hot/cold is said to benefit the body). The whole complex is very modern and you can spend a whole day there. Very close to the ski resort of Kaimaktsalan.

Thermal Springs of Thermopylae (Fthiotida). Who is that person that has never heard of 300 of Leonidas and the battle of Thermopylae. This is the place. This place hosts a thermal waterfall!

Kammena Vourla. Equally known for many years (like Edipsos) Kammena Vourla is a well-known little city, famous for their thermal spa.

Loutra Ypatis (Fthiotida). Located in a luscious green environment in a very serene place.

Located near the city of Kavala, also in a very nice green environment.

Platistomo (Fthiotida). For some reason the rumor is that the thermal spring waters of Platistomo are curing issues that are related with nutrition/digestion.

Lagadas (Northern Greece). Same here, as in almost all thermal springs you can enjoy hydrotherapy treatments of great variety.

Smokovo (Thessaly). Located on Mountain Agrafa at an altitude of around 450 meters. Amazing green…

Kanistra (Chalkidiki). Revealed after the residents blasted the rocks and the spring came forth. Very modern with swimming pools, saunas, steam baths, showers, hot tub, etc.

Thermal Spas in Peloponnese


Loutraki. An amazing facility with a huge open doors pool and another one equally huge indoors. It is close to Corinth.

Kaiafas. Close to ancient Olympia and very close to the town of Pyrgos is the thermal spa of Kaiafas. There is an ancient story about this place where it is said that one of the Centaurs (Nessos) washed his wounds, caused by the arrow of Hercules.

Methana. Still in Peloponnese, are the thermal spa of Methana. Historians said that a volcanic explosion occurred in the area. Probably they got their qualities in relation to that activity.

Killini. A well-known tourist location with nice beaches and nice resorts, plus picturesque villages, also combines this quality with healing thermal spa.



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