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#Vienna summit sending to #Athens a slight election smell

Posted by moodhacker on September 25, 2016 at 9:10 AM

Europe should see refugee crisis as a common problem and face it as such , stated Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras at the completion of the EU Summit on Migration in Vienna on Saturday, a statement the Greek PM keeps repeating since the first days of the crisis, though, finding no European ears, as it seems.


Tsipras said that if we (Europe) do not meet our commitments then we will “face again huge impasses and then the fear of the rise of nationalism and of xenophobia will become a reality and will lead Europe to an impasse”.

Despite the no-way out of the EU-Turkey agreement that has brought the residents of the North Aegean islands beyond any tolerance due to the restriction by the agreement for movement of the new incomers, the Greek PM set ( again) in Vienna the issue of the preservation of EU-Turkey agreement.

He added also that it is necessary for Turkey to intensify its actions to decrease the flow of refugees.

UN General Assembly discussed the migration as a main universal problem Alexis Tsipras said, underlining that “I can’t hide that there were views and voices in the Summit that have no relation with the climate that prevails in the international community on the problem, a problem that has humanitarian dimensions”

There were voices saying that Europe should build fences and walls, said the Greek PM in his statements, providing, still, nothing new or any kind of improvement in the direction of relief to the areas of Greece ( all over the country, but mostly in the Aegean islands) that host, disproportionally to the rest of Europe, the migrants and refugee populations.

During the Summit Angela Merkel offered support for Greece and Italy and said Germany would take in several hundred migrants from both countries every month, the German news agency dpa reported.


Though, the EU Council President Donald Tusk underined that “We need to make sure, practically and politically, that the west Balkans route will remain closed to illegal migration for good.”


The German Cancellor , together with her Austrian Counterpart Christian Kern pointed out that they were considering strengthening the EU’s border agency Frontex not only along the continent’s sea borders, but also to help protect inner European borders, for example at the border between Greece and FYROM.


“We need to make sure, practically and politically, that the west Balkans route will remain closed to illegal migration for good,”Chancelor kern said at a press conference after the Vienna summit.


“We need to regain control over our external border,” Chancellor Kern added “We need to decide who gets to come to Europe,” not the traffickers.



Commissioner of Migration avoids catching same plane with PM

According to informations of Greek to me !, the European Commissioner of Migration Demetris Avramopoulos refused to fly to Athens with the Greek Prime Minister from Vienna, who personally asked the Commisssoner  for it , amid public anger in Greece for the handling of the refugee crisis by the leftist government.

The same information sources add , that the Commissioner asked his political assistants in Athens, for his political office in Greece to be prepared as soon as possible, after the meeting he had  with the Greek PM.

Is it elections' smell?

Leftists assure the public they will reign for three more years and that their governance is such a success




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