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We are Hostages of the #EU-#Turkey deal says Mayor of #Lesvos asking for changes in agreement

Posted by moodhacker on September 20, 2016 at 6:45 AM

By September month heading to its end, the deadline that Turkey has set to EU for the EU-Turkey deal to be realized, (end of September), is coming close, spreading the fear to Lesvos islands' inhabitants and the authorities, of what the crisis in the coming winter might be

The refugee flows have been steadily raising day to day since July adding an average of 80-100 migrants/refugees per day to he 5000-7000 migrants and refugees that are present on the biggest Aegean island at the moment ,according to the Mayor of Lesvos Spyros Galinos

The protest at the Moria hot spot, (which lies close to the capital of Mytiline, as well as Kara Tepe), on Monday September 19, that ended by burning down most of the faciilities of the 4000 refugees' Hot Spot, started by refugees demanding their asylum approval and their free way to Europe. Otherwise , they cannot move even to the mainland Greece due to the EU-Turkey deal .

It is the same reason why the residents of Lesvos protested in the city of Mytilene, in the same day and hours that the clashes broke out in Moria hot spot: Lesvos' residents ask for the refugees' departure from the island, and especially the departure of those who are trapped there for more than six months, not only for the islands' fortune and its populations' relief, but also for the refugees' right as well. it's exactly six months , since the EU-Turkey agreement was signed and there are barely some few, if no one at all, asylum approvals provided to the refugees that arrived in Greece in May .


And this is the point that since it has been revealed lead to chaos  .

No one told the residents of the North Aegean islands, nor the rest of the Greeks, not even the refugees and migrants that apply for asylum, that they are strictly obliged to stay in this island because the agreement restricts any movement of the incomers further than the natural boundaries of the island set by the sea

The only breath of freedom they have is to move free within the island after the first 25 days that they have applied for asylum, while still their application has not been approved.

But this, for the Greek reality, means all of the migrants and refugees en block.

They all apply, all wait for approval for 6+months, all move free within the island. during days and nights.

Beyond the excess of humanism and solidarity and the depletion of any trace of their tolerance and sufferance, residents of  Lesvos,  and  the Local Authorities, as well,  denounce the colonization of the island by the circumstances formed so far, and ask for the decongestion of the island, either by the acceleration of the asylum approval procedurea, or by a change on the Eu-Turkey agreement that will permit the refugees to be moved to other accommodation centers and hot spots throughout the country .

The Lesvos Municipality Council decided and requests the immediate decongestion of existing accommodation centers with the transfer of the surplus of the refugee population to other structures throughout Greece, in order to limit the number of refugees and migrants population in Lesvos to a maximum of 3,000.

"As a society, we gave our best of our souls, of our hospitality and our support , throughout a whole year so far. We managed to overcome the most difficult year that hosted 800,000 refugees that passed through Lesvos t Greece and Europe . Today’s situation and the future prescribed by the Eu-Turkey agreement in case of the worst case scenario (if the flows keep rising from Turkey) is unthinkable, and no society would accept or bear it from now on . We could not manage or would not be able to lift this weight any more. Eventually, society’s fatigue will bend our arms and let any intention of solidarity to fall " said  the Mayor of Lesvos Spyros Galinos


But how many are the refugees in Lesvos ? How many the migrants? Are they segregated  by registraton  and screening proceedures?

Not at all as it seems . 


  • 5000-7000 has officially said the Mayor of Lesvos Spyros Galnos, 
  • 10.000 has said the North Aegean District Governor Christina Kalogerou . “ On islands like Lesvos, the capacities for hosting refugees and migrants are overstretched.
  • Lesvos hosts over 5,300 people and has a capacity of only 3,500.” wrote the UNHCR.
  • In Chios island, the Mayor said Tursday at the Municipality that the number of refugees and migrats are said to be officially 3500 , but no one can give an official number, and that the data provided by the Ministry of interior Affairs are always disproved.  

  •  A further 13,100 people arrived on the Greek islands after the implementation of the EU-Turkey migration agreement in March 2016 wrote amnesty international   They are stuck in overcrowded camps, living in dreadful conditions while they wait for decisions on their asylum applications.


The German Bild wrote today that over 8.150 refugees are missing , accusing Athens that has lost  control


What hides the Greek Government in regard to the number of refugees?, writes Bild  

More than 60 000 refugees are in Greece according to official statistics of the Greek government . But for the 8150 no one knows,  where, or even whether they are still in Greece.

This number of "missing" refugees is in reality much higher. As BILD found from senior government circles, the luck and whereabout of over         10 000 refugees is unclear.

Due to the fact that most refugees arrive in Greece, the country has the central role in the registry of the refugees and migrants population and the responsibility of  being aware of  the refugees' current location 

The  ex  Head of  Strategic management  of the previous governement of  Prime Minister Antonis Samaras , Faelos Kranidiotis @failosK  who has formed a new party called New Right, insistingly demands the segregation of  refugees from migrants by strict criteria and denounces that nothing has been done to this direction

Migrants, he stresses, after being segregated have to be transferred to isolated closed detention centers outside the urban cities, and be held indefinitely until their deportation.

On September 21, three migrants were arrested in the port of Mytilene, Lesvos, hidden in a trailer vehicle, while attempting to travel to Kavala illegally, a common practice used by migrants in Greece in the previous years , but still nowadays, that the migrants and refugees movement to the mainland is officially restricted . The three migrants were officially registered upon their arrival in Lesvos by the registration procedures.

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