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The Ellinikon, one picture a thousand words

Posted by moodhacker on August 31, 2016 at 6:45 AM

Following the termination of the Mayor of the  Greek municipality of the area of Ellinikon, the former Athens only airport , that is transformed to a refugee camp of more than 5000 people for more than 7 months, for

  the "appalling sanitary conditions in the camp as was denounced,

the Greek CDC (HCDCP. KEELPNO) officially intervented by its Hygiene Safety special scientific groups,

while the municipality was ordered for the  immediate placement of personal hygiene (toilets, showers, sinks) in space, and many more emergency actions 


"The Greek CDC, (HCDCP, KE.EL.P.NO). recommends immediate commencement of work until the full restoration of failures and proposes to cover the sanitary needs of the refugees and migrants populations in the Ellinkon hot spot with a sufficient number of Hygiene facilities (toilets, showers, sinks).

Non implementation to the KEELPNO autopsy conclusions and recommendations would pose a serious risk to public health in Greece.

Additionally for this reason the KEELPNO, Greek CDC mobile units have distributed flyers and information for the migrants and refugee populations for Basic hygiene recommendations"

But it was the Greek CDC (HCDCP) also that did warn months eairier the regions and municipalities of the country, which have in their administrative boundaries reception centers of migrants  and refugees, that today's situation and living conditions make up a potential health bomb."


"The HCDCP being consistent in its mission to protect public health, releases a Warnign for   the spread of communicable diseases, especially from this time of the year on. due to the  elevated temperatures which for this year have been premature , bringing the  the time of  hatching of mosquitoes is earlier.

The Greek CDC notes that mosquitoes that act as carriers of dangerous diseases can infect the local population with diseases such as Malaria, Dengue fever, Zika virus, the disease Chikungunya etc. if previously have bitten and been infected by the refugee and migrant population people, whose country of origin is endemic in the diseases 

The organization underlined  in this  Emergency  report of 15/3 / 2016, that was sent to Mucnicpalities of such areas, that  the real threat of domestic transmission of dangerous diseases in vulnerable regions that host  refugees and migrants from the endemic countries is present,

This risk of transmissions concerns both migrants-refugees and the local population (residents and employees)

The same document also states that in areas close to migrant-refugee hosting areas, it is indispensable to ensure adequate living conditions, water supply, sewerage and responder management, and to reduce as far as possible the phenomenon.


 But it was not only the Greek CDC that had,  emphatically, warned for the danger of a "potential Hygiene bomb".

Especially for the area of Ellinion,  official reports of the Region of  Attica had earlier warned for a health bomb, especially in the building of the western airport, where the main room, that was the aiprots waiting room,  is also stressed that it should be evacuated immediately.

Risks for the local community and Awareness

HCDCP in its March document draws attention to the local population (Alimos, Glyfada, Greek-Argyroupoli) for possible transmission of dangerous diseases (malaria, Dengue virus, Zika, chikungunya disease) and calls for Awarenes among citizens forfollowing  self-protection measures such as the placement of screens windows, spraying with special repellents and the use during the summer and fall months of appropriate clothing (pants, long sleeved shirts, etc.).

Great is the risk of transmission also of the  Zika virus, Greek  CDC noted, a virus that infects pregnant women .

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