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The Unsanitary hot spots, as reported by UNHCR

Posted by moodhacker on August 29, 2016 at 10:05 PM


None of the three centers Human Rights Watch visited on Samos, Lesbos, and Chios in mid-May 2016, separate single women from unrelated adult men, and all three are unsanitary and severely overcrowded.


“In Europe’s version of refugee camps, women and children who fled war face daily violence and live in fear,” said Bill Frelick, refugee rights director at Human Rights Watch. “Lack of police protection, overcrowding, and unsanitary conditions create an atmosphere of chaos and insecurity in Greece’s razor wire-fenced island camps.”


On visits from May 9 to May 15, Human Rights Watch found all three facilities to be severely overcrowded, with significant shortages of basic shelter and filthy, unhygienic conditions. Long lines for poor quality food, mismanagement, and lack of information contribute to the chaotic and volatile atmosphere in the three hotspots, Human Rights Watch said.

 “The toilets are always dirty and flooded. They never clean them.”  a 27-year-old Palestinian Syrian man in Moria Camp of Lesvos  said, to the  Human Rights Watch research for the Health and Sanitary Conditions in the Refugee camps 


Human Rights Watch observed dirty and unsanitary men’s toilets in the Vathi hotspot, with feces all around the area.

“There are only three toilets for women, not three bathrooms, but three toilets. We have to line up for two hours to use the bathroom. We are not given any soap. There is no soap dispenser in the bathroom. The water is ice cold when it is available at all.” Also in VIAL, sewage from the men’s latrine flows into the living area.

A Human Rights Watch researcher smelled the odor coming from the men’s toilets, and several women said the stench was often overpowering.

Just the NGOs

Health care in the hotspots is provided mainly by nongovernmental organizations, including Médecins du Monde (Doctors of the World), Praksis, the Hellenic Red Cross, Medical Intervention, Boat Refugee Foundation, as well as the Greek army. Other groups, like Médecins sans Frontières, pulled out of the hotspots when they were converted into prison-like facilities on March 20.


In Moria, a 23-year-old Afghan man said: “The conditions are very bad here. I sleep on the ground in a tent. I was sick and had a bad skin problem. The doctor here gave me one pain pill.”

source the Human Right Watch

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