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Refugee cost per year 15000 in Greece, 12000 in Norway

Posted by moodhacker on September 13, 2016 at 2:20 AM

"Norway has analogically more refugees in the country than Greece ,compared by population,but spends obviously less per refugee. The average cost in Norway, per year, is 12,000 (euros). while in Greece it has reached the 15,000, per refugee per year "

said OdysseasVoudouris while resigning from his governmental post as the General Secretry of Recetion and Identiification of Migration ,, dennouncing serious gaps in  National Preparedness for the Reufugee Crisis 

Mr.Voudouris noted that most conditions are dramatic, not only for refugees and local communities' and our country as a whole. " and stressed that  while  winter months are approaching wiht so much harder than sthe summer  conditions, not even the hospitality structures have been decided, for the future accomodation centers ,despite the suggestions and official proposals of the Plans conducted by the General Secretariat in Refugees Reception and the UNHCR ,

Mr. Voudous  set also  the alarm for the future of the EU deal.

More than 60,000 identified refugees and migrants were on the Greek territory on Tuesday, according to the Refugee Crisis Management Coordination Body's figures.

183 new arrivals were reported in the last 24 hours.

  • 16,425 of the refugees are in northern Greece,
  • 8,788 are hosted in the region of Attica,
  • 16,425 are hosted in facilities of central Greece
  • and 246 in southern Greece.

  • 8,788 refugees and migrants are hosted in several facilities rented by the UNHCR, and
  • 2,482 persons are living outside organised facilities.
  • 13,171 refugees and migrants were recorded on the eastern Aegean islands.



Apart rising refugee influx numbers together with the tensions in the government for the traffic on the East of the country, migrants are sent to us from the North, Germany precisly .

According to the news of the month of August, Germany decided to send to Greece and specifically to Crete more than 3,000 refugees. Berlin considers that this number is “redundant” in its territory.


Local media wrote that the Greek government has adopted this German decision, while Migration Minister Yiannis Mouzalas had chaired a revelant meeting in Herakleion where he  announced the transfer.


The refugees will start coming by plane initially in Heraklion and Chania in December. Mouzalas had said that they will come after the tourist season. Independent MEP Notis Marias confirmed the transfer in an interview with Radio Kriti.

New Democracy lawmaker Lefteris Avgenakis had strongly accused the Greek government of secretly preparing to resettle 3,000 refugees from Germany to Crete.


Migration Policy Minister Yiannis Mouzalas had already by this time announced that 2,000 refugees and migrants from the Greek mainland would  be transferred to Crete/ causing furius reactions among the cretan community.


The 3,000 refugees from Germany will be transferred to Crete as per the Dublin 3 Agreement., the greekreporter wrote.

Accorng to official sources of the Ministry of Migration, by the end of September, local authorities are expected to propose sites where these facilities could be built. “Any plans are to take effect as of November, after the island’s tourism season has drawn to a close,” an unnamed official said to Kathimerini.

 However, Minister Mouzalas publicly denied the allegation about the refugees from Germany.


Allegedly, the decision has created an uproar on Crete, as Cretans fear that the refugees will stay there permanently and they would hurt the island’s tourism.

 Avgenakis lawmaker, speaking to  Skai television on Sunday dennounced that Mouzalas visited Crete and held secret meetings with mayors,  regional governors and SYRIZA lawmakers elected on Crete, without inviting members of the opposition or other Cretan administrative bodies.

 Avgenakis accused the government of withholding information from the other parties on the migration issue and blamed it for inadequate handling of the refugee crisis.


The ND lawmaker also wondered during the interview: “Why do we not distinguish between refugees and migrants? Why have we not created pre-departure centers? Why don’t we absorb the allocated funds? What is the government’s handling of the migration crisis?”


The cost for Greece since the beginning of the Refugee Crisis “is more than two billion euro, the EU has allocated so far €330million – not to the Greek government but to NGOs, mostly NGOs from abroad,” ekriti notes.


Meanwhile the influx from Turkey is again worryingly  increasing.  Athens is worried that Ankara will draw back from the EU-Turkey deal in October.

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