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Come down to the plazas, Alexis ...

Posted by moodhacker on June 11, 2015 at 11:05 AM


A call to the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras' to stop the unending dialogue with Greece's lenders, and come down to the streets and the neigborhoods' plazas to meet the Greek people, started taking place among the government party members in Greece, supporting the belief that the Greek PM can win in his fight to protect the Greek's dignity by having the peole next to him. The text was first published on the blog of Greece's emblematic political hero Manolis Glezos on Sunday June 14, after the Greek delegation left Brussels when negotiiations fell once again to reach a solution.


The same text by the call to the Greek PMwas posted on Monday, on the twitter account of John Millios, Professor of Political Economy and member of the governing party's central Commitee, by its title, 'From Maximos Mansion to the public squares"

The text claims that there is a solution which "will be painful for creditors and for those who have chosen to stand on the side of lenders"

 This is the text:

 "On these critical moments, while the Greek people are getting piecemeal informaton and become astonished by the attitude of the lenders.

>Now that the threats are more visible than ever.

>On these tiny moments on which the opposition keeps asking the government to sign further reductions on wages, pensions and labor rights, supporting the requirements of lenders for even more tax hikes and for the concession of he public property.

>Let the Prime Minister stop the unending "dialogue" with he tlenders and come to meet the Greek people on the plazas.

>As to inform the people, and sincerely discuss with the people, to make a true meaningful dialogue with the people

>And along with the people the solution exists.

"And it will be a painful solution for the creditors and for all those who have chosen to stand on the side of Greece's creditors."

"Hands off  Greece"

Last week MEP Manolis Glezos called the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz to put his hands off Greece 

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"...I very much regret that I am forced again to talk about you personally. A short while ago we heard a nice rhetoric that corresponds to reality regarding the dictatorships in Spain and Portugal. But today the free Greece, a country that expresses the will of the Greek people in order to carve its own path, meets the fierce reaction from the three institutions, the troika, as well as by your side. And that strikes me.

Who gave you that right? As a person you have the right to intervene and say anything....,

but as the President of the European Parliament I think you do not have the right to express the European Parliament and to intervene in Greece trying to strangle it.

All lenders, hands off Greece. Those who think that they can subjugate the Greek people are mistaken."

Schulz to Tsipras: "Greeks will crucify you..."

On Sunday June 14, after the Greek negotiations team left Brussles ,European Parliament President Martin Schulz told a national television audience in Germany on Sunday evening that he called Chancellor Angela Merkel earlier, with both agreedg to do whatever possible to keep Greece in the Eurozone,  during an appearance on a news affairs program hosted by Günther Jauch.

On the same moment he warned the Greek PM that the Greek people will crucify Alexis Tsiprasin case of a Grexit.


“On the one hand I say enough is enough, and on the other hand, I say to keep our composure and look for a solution,” he said.

Tsipras : "We have no right to bury the European democracy at its birthplace"

Alexis Tsipras on Sunday told Greek newspaper Ton Syntakton that his government is determined to break the country's cycle of harsh austerity policies:(


The institutions' insistence on further pension cuts is a political expediency, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in statements to Efimerida ton Syntakton newspaper.


The Greek prime minister underlined that creditors should not regard "our sincere desire for a solution and the steps we have taken to bridge the differences as weakness."


"The insistence of the institutions on new pension cuts after five years of memoranda looting is nothing more than political expediency. The Greek government heads to the negotiation with a plan and well-documented counter-proposals. We will be patiently waiting until the institutions join realism," Tsipras underlined.


"We are carrying the dignity of a people and the hope of the peoples of Europe on our shoulders. The responsibility is too heavy to ignore. It is not a matter of ideological obsession. It is a matter of democracy," he added.


"We have no right to bury the European democracy at its birthplace," Tsipras stressed.

The Greek side proposals

On an analytical non-paper released Monday aternoon by the Greek PM's office the govt  explains in detail the "well documented proposal brought to the negotiations table" as the govt claims,  that outlines  the medium-­term fiscal path, primary balance targets and the required fiscal measures to achieve them.


In the medium-­run, the proposal sets sizeable headline primary surplus targets in order to strengthen the commitment of the authorities to sound public finances and reduce the debt- to-output ratio in a non-­aggressive manner, yet realistic enough so as to avoid jeopardizing the fragile economic recovery.

The proposed medium-­run fiscal stance is in line with neutral overall discretionary fiscal policy. In the short run, and in light of the deteriorating macroeconomic environment for 2015, the proposal adopts a headline primary surplus target of 1% for 2015 and 2% for 2016.

Greece's baseline fiscal scenario for 2015 (primary balance of -­0.1% of GDP) and 2016 (primary balance of 0.1% of GDP) results in a fiscal gap of 1.1% of GDP for 2015 and 1.9% of GDP for 2016.

The most notable source of revenues stems from a VAT reform that yield an extra 1.4 billion ruros per year, but without increasing the rates for basic goods, such as medicine, energy and fresh food.

In addition, the proposal identifies a series of administrative measures that will deliver a significant yield for 2015 and 2016. A conservative estimate of the yield is in the range of 2.3 bn. In total, the proposal of the Greek authorities covers the estimated fiscal gap for 2015 and 2016 with parametric measures only.

Analytical parametric measures (estimates for 2015, 2016 in million euros):

Special tax 12% on corporate profits above 1 million euros

(payable in two annual installments) 600 600

Increase corporate income tax from 26% to 29% 450

Increase solidarity contribution rates in PIT 220 250

Cuts in defence spending 200

TV advertisement tax 100 100

E-­gaming VLTs 35 225

Administrative dispute settlement on property taxation

of past years (FMAP, FAP) 50 50

Vehicle technical control inspection 72 50

Uninsured vehicles 51 40

Increase luxury tax and include private yachts 47 47

VAT Reform 680 1,360

Early retirement restrictions (accrual) 0 71

Pharmaceutical rebates 140 140

Analytical administrative measures (estimates for 2015, 2016 in million euros)

Fuel smuggling 75 300

Audits on Bank accounts 200 500

VAT fraud (carousel and split payment) 50 700

E-gaming 160 361

Environmental and agricultural compliance with EU regulations 276

Transfer pricing 24

Fees and licences for TV channels 340

Installment scheme 500 500

The Church wil stand by the Governmet Archibiop said

ANA-MPA -- Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens and All Greece on Saturday indicated that he was willing to proceed with the exploitation of Church assets, acting together with the Greek state, on condition that the money raised would go toward paying off Greece's debt. In an interview with the private broadcaster Skai, he clarified that he was not talking about selling off Church property but its exploitation, so that it remained in Greek hands.

The archbishop said the issue would be discussed with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras "in good time".

Referring to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the archbishop noted that he had "no dispute with her, but whatever can be done for the Greek people would be welcome."

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