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A health screening on #Gate2West and a #RefugeeHealthCard, the #ProtectionShield in need says Greek CDC

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updated , February 9, 2016

The Secretary General of Public Health in Greece Andrea Bascoso announced to the General Director of WHO Dr Margaret Chan and the Associate Director of International Organization for Migration (IOM) Ms. Laura Thompson, the providence of the health card to the refugees and migrants being identified in Greece, which should hold the migrant/refugee health profile records, and should be used by the refugees and migrants further during their migration route to their final destination.

Details of the health aspects related to the resettlement program which is undertaken by the IOM have been discussed extensively between the Greek Public Health official and Mrs Thomson , and the two parts, the IOM and Greece, agreed to collaborate on the creation of the refugee's/migrant's smart card by the assistance, and also the proposals of the IOM, for which Mr. Bascoss asked,  so as to be provided by Greece to the newcomers a safe, single and united Health records system of sharing health data internationally,  functional throughout European member States and the international community.

The meeting took place on the sidelines of the 138th Executive Board of the World Health Organization (WHO .) on January 28 in Geneva.




updated, October 13, 2015

We must welcome refugees with proper identification, health control and offer the correct reception conditions, but we also have to be aware and definitely know who knocks on our door” Luxembourg’s Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn stated on October 10, while visiting Greece and Greek Minister of Migration Yianis Mouzalas  along with the European Migration and Home Affairs Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos

Early enouph since the start of  the  set up procedure of the first hotspot center of Greece in Lesvos next week, the municipality of Lesvos asked for the health checking plan at the entry points  tp be included , the smart  Heatlh card system  which the Greek CDC, has proposed to the govt since April 2015, far before the refugees crisis reached its peak 

this is the Greek CDC(HCDCP) Plan as proposed to the Greek gov by May 2015 to the government 

First publiced, May 20, 2015

The Emergency Response Plan provided to the government by the Greek CDC (HCDCP) to be activated on the country’s entry points since first moments of the migrants’ arrival, aims to provide to the Greek and Mediterranean Safety a Trafficking and Migrating populations Observatory for the recording and evaluation of health data, as to further assist to Emergency Response initiatives and facilitate the proper emergency political or operational decisions for the local and the Global safety.

  • The Emergency Response Plan to the Migrants' Influx sets as primer initiative the provision of the Migrants' Health Card, ensuring the medical screening and immunizations program required for the migrants' populations according to their origin country and the traffickng routes, so as to assure their safe entrance to the Western world and let Greece protect from  its side the Global Health Village Safety. 

It is proposed to be a Health Smart Card holding the migrant's/ refugee's biometrical data also , and which shoud be accompanying him througout his route to Europe 

  • The Emergency Response Plan consists of integrated actions of medical and psychosocial care for the migrants newcomers' populations and the migrants being hosted at the reception centers and also calls for the timely Awareness and Informing of the International community and the World Organizations involved in Trafficking, Refugees and Migration

The Emergency Action Plan includes:

The establishment and activation of the Immigrant Health Card to all immigrants and the newcomers, as soon as they are set under medical examination. The health card will be constantly updated for screening test, vaccination, possible chronic diseases diagnosed, and any possible treatment would have been used.

 the medical examination of the migrants newcomers with the aid of nursing staff,
and record keeping of the findings on the Migrant's Health Record sheet

 the referral of the migrant for further examination, medical screening and evaluation in cases that is needed .

 Mass vaccination of the migrant population, based on the appropriate protocol.

 Malaria screening for the migrants originated from endemic malaria countries through rapid diagnostic test (RDT).

 Tuberculosis (TB) control with MANTOUX test

 Timely identification of possible Ebola suspicted case, or other type of hemorrhagic fever based on the travel history, country of origin , symptoms and clinical picture.

 The Identification / diagnosis of other chronic diseases and the ensurance of providence of medical treatment

Psychosocial history profile and the collection of data for the psychological assessment newcomers.

 The referral of serious incidents to national psychiatric structures.

 The cooperation with the legal representatives to resolve existing legal problems.


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