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Dutch tourist from Kos in severe condition set Public Health on the Alert in Greece

Posted by moodhacker on October 2, 2015 at 8:00 PM

A Dutch tourist who had been recently on vacation on the island of Kos  has been transfered in citical condition to a  well known private hospital in Athens, and is now hospitalised intubated in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) , while his condition remains severly critical .

The Dutch man reportedly showed severe symptoms of an infectious contagious disease, and was suspected, according  to  the President's  of the Greek Center for Disease Control( HCDCP/KEELPNO) statement, on Friday, October 2, for cholera infection, since the symptoms reminded the disease, but results finally came out negative for cholera . His condition remains undiagnosed, and the factors  that led to the contaminaion are set under clinical investigation by the Greek CDC..


According to the reports, the 70 year old Dutch tourist who was on holiday on Kos island, showed severe gastroenteritis symptoms, that rapidly escalated and burdened the patient's clinical condition to most severe complications, and rapidly  got out of control .The progressive burden of the patient's health mobilized the doctors and the infectious disease experts of the Greek Center of Disease Control to suspect the possibility of cholera, the forgotten, in Europe, infectious disease. On Friday afternoon, the clinical tests came out negati ve, and the Greek CDC, is continuing the medical screenings for diagnosis. 


The Greek CDC Infectious Diseases exprets now, trace  frame by frame the travel history of the Dutch patient and his vacation activity plan in detail , investigating also the patient's activity before landing to Kos, even though, his presence on the Greek island is considered medically adequate to lead to such severe infectious contamination, due to the presence of hundreds of migrants and refugees on the island, who remained for days, under high temperatures medically unscreened.,

Due to the lack of migrants' reception centers on the islands, the human tsunami originating from Syria, Afghanistan, Iranq, Iran, Lebanon and  Somalia, and remained, often immunideficient,  exhausted, wandering for days on the islands of the entry points,  on attendace of their travel documents, often whithout ANY accomondation facilities, not even soap to wash their hands .


Asked for the possibility of cholera, the Associate Professor of Infectious Diseases at the University of Athens, an expert on his field, professor Sotiris Tsiordas, on Friday, October 2, talking on air on Mega TV, he pointed out that cholera is spreading on a rapid and alarming rate, at least in Iraq, and could have infected, indeed, migrants and refugees who arrive on the Greek islands, Kos, but also Lesvos-which is also on alarming situation .

This infectious- coctail of thousands (humans) crossing borders, does, also favor the  cross-mixture of infectiousness,  between countries, borders and continents, by the viruses that humans carry with them from their origin countries, that are often on war , puting the area,- in Athens, but mainy on Greece's entry points, the Aegean Greek islands-, on a huge error for large waves of epidemics and diseases to come.


Today also, an Iraqi Representative of the country's health ministry  has stated to international media that  low water levels in the Euphrates River in his country has attributed to the outbreak of cholera in water, which is now, in Iraq, highly contaminated for drinking but also for use in fields' watering .

He also noted that the very high summer temperatures, which often exceeded 50 ° C, burdened the water quality even more, increasing dramatically the levels of harmful microorganisms.

The Greek CDC, continues the medical screening test and evaluation to odentify the disease, and protect the local the migrants, and also primarily the travelers populations  on the islands and mainland Greece.

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