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Greece, turn off the lights, turn on the Sky....

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 ... While Sanotrini, Greece's most Popular Rock on Globe, was falling in the dark...


Santorini, renowned for its beautiful sunsets and picturesque villages which are "perched on rocky outcrops", is one of Greece's most popular travel destinations, drawing scores of thousands of global visitors annually. Especially this year, when Greece is most poor , but on World most popular , when the sky (- see NASA PICTURE ABOVE- ) lighted up ,

THIS ROCK appeared on nude........


Santorini, one of the world's premier and most popular travel destinations, is still trying to turn the lights on, for over 24h now.

The island was hit with a sweeping power shortage on Tuesday after a fire at Santorini;s main electricity plant, said a source at

"There was a fire around midday at the power plant of the island capital of Fira," the the Public Power Corporation, Greece's main power provider said .

Electricity generators were expected to arrive on Santorinii after midnight of the same day, but, today the problemm still exist, by promises, that tonight the lights will be on.

The incident did not affect the island's airport


 ... NASA pictured  the Meteora: It was there, as said, where the Sky lighted up !


Its one of

Greece's most holy nights

tonight, 14th of August, since thousands of years for this land

By an unexpected "God-handed coincidence, this, worst Greece's year,

on the most intense ever dance of this annual space phaenomenon,


Since Greek Mythology traditions , the Perseids Shower hours is  the time to make your wishes to the sky ,b ecause they  come true, and NASA'S photograph of the Year for Peseids Shower phenomenon 2013, showing  the most  visible on Globe upon the Greek monastery gave true hope on these holly days, that Sky is listening to each family's pain                                                                                                                

By the official site's NASA Explanation: The two bright meteors flashing through this night skyscape from August 7 are part of the ongoing Perseid meteor shower. In the direction indicated by both colorful streaks, the shower's radiantin the eponymous constellation Perseus is at the upper right. North star Polaris, near the center of all the short, arcing star trails is at the upper left. But also named for its pose against the sky, the monastery built on thε daunting sandstone cliffs in the foreground is part of Meteora. A World Heritage site, Meteora is a historic complex of lofty monasteries located near Kalabaka in central Greece.

By the Wikipedia 

The word  Metéora (Greek: Μετέωρα, pronounced [mɛˈtɛoɾɐ] means 

 "middle of the sky",

"suspended in the air" or

"in the heavens above" 

— etymologically related to "Meteorite")  is one of the largest and most important complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries in Greece, second only to Mount Athos.[1] The six monasteries are built on natural sandstone rock pillars, at the northwestern edge of the Plain of Thessaly near the Pineios river and Pindus Mountains, in central Greece. The nearest town is Kalambaka. The Metéora is included on the UNESCO World Heritage

 ... So, Make a Wish tonight,  Greece !

Since 1st of August and for two weeks, religious spirit climaxes in Greece , and especially the night between the 14the to 15th of August

It  is one of the biggest religious dates of the year , Dekapentavgoustos, ( 15 days of August ) which  commemorates the Dormition ,in some traditions the Ascension or Assumption, of the Virgin.


For Greeks, the Panaghia is the mother of all men, a source of protection and comfort.

To mainlanders, she is mother earth and

to islanders she is mother sea.

to the Army and Navy she is the big protector 


All over Greece people pray on their knees for the Virgin  Mary's Care and Grace . Lots see their wishes come true .....  



On  15th of August  according to the Orthodox tradition Virgin Mary is revered and invoked, and she is asked by all the folk, faithfuls and  less faithful ones,  to perform miracles from the most mundane to the most awesome. Starting from Tinos and Paros Island on Cyclades, to Agiasos in Lesvos Island on North Aegean where the biggest churches and monasteries exist, almost every city, town, village and hamlet around the country has a church or chapel dedicated to Virgin Mary , whose endless list of names exist due to the kinds of  miracles her grace has performed  in each place.

Panaghia the Healer, the Merciful, the Graceful, the Sweet-Kissing, Panaghia the Big- Gaceful , the Savior of Souls, the Mistress of the Angels, the  Philanthrope 


All around Greece tonight, wishes are made to the sky, the stars, the monastery's,, and the holly icons of Virgin Mary. On knees, or looking straight up to the sky , by tears and by  soul,  by mind and by heart. 


 ... And  the Sky does light up, since years!     


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