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Popular bar in Mykonos has been shutdown by the authorities for disobeying the social distancing rules

Posted by moodhacker on June 9, 2020 at 8:25 AM


A beach bar has been closed down for 60 days after a huge party took place despite the coronavirus pandemic.


Tourists flocked to the Greek party island Mykonos and flouted social distancing at the huge event in Chora as the country lifted its travel ban.


The owners of the Alemagou bar on Ftelia Beach have been fined 20,000 euros  for disobeying safety regulations and have seen the venue ordered to shut down for two months.


Pictures and video from the party show throngs of people all enjoying themselves without a single care for the threat of coronavirus.


Greek bars are supposed to have one square metre of space around each customer, and tourists have been advised to wear masks while out and about.


Many European nations are easing out of their lockdowns - but experts have warned of the ongoing risk of a devastating second wave.


Greece has recorded 2,997 coronavirus cases, and 180 deaths.


Secretary general for trade, Panagiotis Stampoulidis, slammed the bar for giving the Greece an "unacceptable image" amid the pandemic.


Mr Stampoulidis said: "The goal is to limit Covid-19. There is a network of institutional sanctions that are very strict.


"It is a pity for both the employees and themselves to be locked out because they did not ensure the observance of the measures."


Tourism ministers are hopeful to kick start the holiday industry to help the economy, and from June 15 will be allowing international visitors to return.


Bars, nightclubs and internet cafes have been given the okay to reopen as Greece eases its lockdown - but they have to stick to strict guidelines.


Hospitality businesses will be operate outside as much as they can as part of the rules laid out by the government for the summer season.


Mr Stampoulidis said: "We have opened on terms, with specific commitments.


"They are very simple rules. The beach bars should not open the bar and the crowd should be prevented, no parties should be created.


"For each area of ​​space, there is a ratio of square meters per customer .


"We want everyone to understand that these rules will be enforced."


source:The Sun 

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