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Scent of Ancient Greece for Visitors: Walk Around Acropolis and the Athens monuments through the Botanical Greek Flora

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Micromeria Acropolitana was first collected in 1906 from the Acropolis, Athens and considered extinct until its rediscovery in 2006, a hundred years later. Today  It has survived in its original habitat, the natural rock of the hill. 

The Micromeria Acropolitana (Lamiaceae)  ...

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Yeah! Dinner in the Sky Viewing Acropolis From the Above in Athens

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".....As the table slowly rotates, you will enjoy a bird’s eye view at 50 meters while dining in the air, admiring amazing views of the illuminated Acropolis and Lykavitos", discover Greece recenty wrote, presenting the Dinner in the Sky project which the traveler can find in 50 cities of the world, and now also in Athens.

Dinner in the...

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Bay Leaves, the mind focusing and "prophetic" to burn in your room

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The bay leaf (also known as Bay Laurel) has a rich history in Western culture. Bay is a symbol of the Greek god Apollo. In fact, his crown is constructed from bay laurel’s slender, slightly silvery leaves. In Ancient Greece, wreaths made to look like Apollo’s were given to victorious warriors, winners of s...

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Greece's Flavor, Ellados Gefsi, Unique Gastronomy Exhibition in Athens

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Ellados Gefsi annual Greece's exhibition will be held for the third year iin May 2018 in Athens,  promising to share with international visitors the real Taste Of Greece by the authentic and traditional experiences  of Greek Gastronomy,...
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Yeah! Explore the Greek Cities with your SightRunning Shoes

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Forget tourist buses and pre-arranged hours for guided tours. Now all the city and its most beautiful spots are within your reach in the most economic and ecological way.


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Sense Euphoria in Lesvos, 1st International Festival

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The island of Lesvos, known for its natural, unspoilt beauty and positive energy; a cultural crossroad that promotes an expression of new learnings, freedom and peace,  invites international travelers to the 1st Lesvos Euphoria Festival, which will take place on the island and the multiple  "euphoric" spots the ...

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Meet the unique aromas of medicinal plants of Greek countryside

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The Greek countryside is rich in aromatic and healing herbs, which are often more potent than their counterparts elsewhere due to the country's climate and soil conditions, ANA reports.

"Most of the time Greek herbs contain a greater number of bioactive ingredients and this is ...

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Aegean Gastronomy wins enthousiasm in NYC

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Traditional products and recipes of the Cyclades and the Dodecanese including legumes, seafood and herbs, were recently presented in New York during a special event at the James Beard House.

Aiming to promote Aegean food culture and stimulate gastronomic innovation, the event was orga...

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American War Veterans Use Ancient Greek Epics, Homer's Odyssey and Iliad, to Cope

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530 BC, Homeric battle around the inanimate body of  the patrolling friend of Achilles, Patroclos,,who was fighting and killed by Hector in the war of Troy

AP reports from Burlington, Vermont that the trials of Odysseus are really not that different from the struggles...
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Original Greek Wellbeing : Euphoria Healing Hotel inspired by Ancient Wellness Philosophy

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A Holistic Wellbeing Destination Spa in Mystras.

Euphoria Retreat is the perfect place to relax, redefine the relationship between your mind and body and reinvent yourself. Our holistic approach works as a process of transformation on all levels to achiev...

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Your Mind and Body Greek Beach Experience

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Mavrovouni Gytheio, Greece photo nu fb Athens Voice


Studies from the United States and Britain have found beach-dwelling promotes improved happiness, general wellbeing and even brain function.


It’s perhaps why r...

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Gourmet Greek Alba truffles, known since Ancient times, reach now US market

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It is just a couple of monts ago that a huge white trumpet (Tuber magnatum) has been found in Northern Greece, weighing 510 grams.

It is the largest white trumpet (Tuber magnatum), found in recent years in Greece and the second largest in Europe, by the first found in Italy  in October 2017 which has weighed 570 grams ...

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Oregano, healthiest and tastiest herb in most Greek dishes

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Don;t miss the very original oregano spice while in Greece! 

Traditional Greek salads are always garnished with dried oregano, while most Greek roasts, whether it be chicken, fish, lamb or vegetables, include oregano in the recipe while baking.

Most herb lovers agree Greek Oregano is the most flavoursome and certainly one of the best herbs in...

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Don't miss the 2nd Lesvos Food Festival rich in omega-3

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Lesvos Food Fest 2018 will take place over a 10-day period, from July 5th-15th and has been designed to dynamically promote the culinary customs, the traditions and the products of each region, which will host this year’s events, highlighting the geographical and cultural uniqueness of each location.

Lesvos island in Greece, thanks to its geographical location, is a cr...

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Food and Drink in Early Modern Greece

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As part of the Greek Festival of Sydney, Dr Alfred Vincent provided  a fascinating lecture on food and drink in early modern Greece that traced the origins of the famed Mediterranean diet

Many studies have indicated that the Mediterranean diet features an abundance of health benefits.

In particular, Gr...

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Florina's Lehovo Region to Get Hiking Trail Network

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The town of Lehovo and the surrounding territory in Florina northwestern Macedonia, will get its own hiking path network aiming to highlight the region’s cultural and natural wealth as well as tap into the local workforce and stimulate the economy.

The project, to be funded by the Greek-German Fund for the Future,...

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Greek Natura Areas to boost tourism , economy at most

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Making up one-third of the country, Greece’s protected areas can contribute greatly to the upgrade of the tourism product, generate millions in revenue and create jobs, according to Athens-based research firm diaNEOsis.

According to diaNEOsis estimates, if 40 percent of the country’s Natura 2000 areas were utilized, as is the ca...

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Top Winter Destinations in Greece to discover

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Countless mountainous traditional villages, covered in thick white snow during rough winter months, picturesque sceneries with small rivers and lakes, state-of-the-art national parks, ski centers and many more can offer you the most unexpected but unforgettable winter escapes’ experience you could not even imagine.

Relaxation by the firepla...

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The 1st Greek Hiking Path Meeting of Menalon

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The 1st Greek Trails Conference took place at Peloponese , in Vytina over the first weekend of November 2017, with the contribution of representatives of hikers’ associations from the Argosaronikos isle Andros, to  Amorgos and also  Epirus as well as the  newcomer Arcadia who exchanged know-how, ideas and best practices with their European counterparts during the par...

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