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January 20, 2015. Greek Ministry of Culture, announcement 

The study of skeletal material, found in the fourth place of the burial monument on the hill castes, commissioned a multidisciplinary team, composed of scientists from the Universities Aristotle and Democritus. The research program aims at modern approach to archeology of death. Starting with the person represented by the skeletal remains of the tomb castes will investigate -with systematic and scientifically ethical manner; the anthropological, social and historical context of the population of Amphipolis.
The analysis of this material is part of a broader research program, which includes the holistic approach of a sample of about three hundred skeletons, coming from the area of Amphipolis and chronologically cover the period from 1000 BC to 200 BC
The results-such as sex, age, stature-the macroscopic study of skeletal material from the fourth place of burial complex, will be announced in January.

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