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Who we are 
Greek to me by Empathy Organization

  Papapanagiotou Maria 

  Administrative Manager at Greek to me! 

  Creator  of Greek to me group 

  Health Communication Specialist 

  T.V, Radio, Social Media reporter   

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Rousidou Eleni 

Student of University of Aegean 

Junior Social Media Manager 

 Konstantia Zirdeli 

Student of University of Aegean 

Junior Social Media Manager 

Filistor Destempasidis

Marketing & Communications top Professional

Special Media Consultant to Greek to me group  

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What is Empathy? 

Empathy as a communication modus, the way of expression that reflects the compassion and understanding, an audience/a nation/ or a mass in chaos needs in moments of a disaster and situations of Crisis, in order to better respond on crisis and survive .
Leaders are advised, by the Global Experts of Communication, to show Empathy on Crisis situations, as a basic human-to-human approach and response, which, according to the science helps the audiences-under crisis, and so the societies, to better Respond, solve and survive through the crisis.

Greece is a society that in modern times went through such a harsh austerity, by no empathetic approach shown by any of its governors. Greeks through their modern national crisis, do experience the most Apathetic “handling”by their politicians and the system , the modern political systems could never have imagined. This is an Xperiment itself.

Empathy NGO is aiming to offer the Empathetic approach in Greece, and may be another version of the Greek Xperiment.
Let's call the world to rediscover Empathy , by sensing the two sides of Greece ...

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