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May 16, 2015 


Euro at all costs?

“..Antigone defied you wearing black,

and all over the country,
 the people whose guest you have been,
wear mourning clothes …”

German Nobel laureate for Literature, Günter Grass (84) had warned on June 2012, -three years before his death- that Europe should be soulless without Greece, if it were to leave,  as Greece was the one that  had dreamed up the European idea More

Sure we Keep

our Red Lines  

Die another day

Greece is cash-

strapped, and the situation is worsening. But despite the evident deterioration of the country's liquidity position, we believe Greece can still survive, for another month or so, without external financial support.By Credit SuisseResearch Analysis, intelligentnews, 23/4/2015


Greece makes progress with creditors as cash crunch looms 11/5/ 2015

On the edge. Negotiations’ progress, government’s chance to rule that country, public feeling’s breath to breath. All have been kept on the edge, day to day, during the first 100+ of Alexis Tsipras.  Have a look on the latest updates find it on moodhackerblog

Give, Greeks, your Gold ...!  Why not give your family jewerly, Greeks, to save your country, asked Deutche Welle

Koreans donated billions of euros’ worth of family gold jewelry to help pay down their nation’s IMF debt , once, on 1997. a debt Korea paid off ahead of schedule. Is this an example for Athens? Might this also work for Greece? “The core idea is quite right,” said economist Rolf Langhammer.. click for more

  Higher incomes have to pay the burden in Greece this time, not the weaker ones, as usually has happened     
Firstly there has been an agreement at the Brussels group discussion. on the principle that there should be appropriate reforms which will shift the burden from those on the lower income to those on higher incomes, was Prime Minister's Office official announcement .

 Make a difference Greece

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"We risk condemning an entire generation to a future without hope.
To avoid that,
what we ask from our eurozone partners is to treat Greece as an equal and
 help us escape from this Sisyphean trap" Yiannis Dragasakis on his FT article

Another Aegean, indeed!

Oh yes! This is the Greek Foreign Affairs Minister Niko Kotzias hand in hand with his Turkish counter part Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu on stage, singing the "We are  world" while NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and EU High Representative Federica Mogherini have joined to sing along find that

Sweet Merckel


German Chancellor Angela Merkel is doing everything in her power to keep Greece in the eurozone, the chancellor's spokesman Steffen Seibert stressed on Wednesday May5

Greek Prime Minister: 

"On our second meeting with the Chancellor, we came closer"   find more

We agree to cooperate

It is the first time  a Greek Prime Minister sets the issue of Germany’s debt and reparations to Greece, as a common part of the two countries’ and Europe’s past and history, which has been paid by “blood”, Tsipras underlined. .FIND MORE ON OUR FULLY UPDATED ARTICLE

Cross Road


Frontex Analysis pointing to ISIS entrance

Look down the Aegean , this is a Human tsunami, and the 10 points by Greece for EU to protect the West

Greece will get €460mln for migration program, the EU Commissioner Demetres Avramopoulos announced  to Greece, undelining that actions have to be taken immediately in response to the crisis situation in the Mediterranean. According to the Plan, European Member States will have to ensure fingerprinting of all migrants.

Special trainned crews of the Greek Police Counter-Terrorism and the Greek National Intelligence Service, specialized on international-Islamist terrorism, are sent to the illegal immigrants’ entry points of Greece, the Aegean islands of Mytilini, Chios,and others, and to the Northern border station of Evros

National Intelligence Service and the Greek Police have been set on the Alert on the country’s Entry Points for the possibility fighters of the Islamic State (ISIS) to entry Europe through Greece among the hundreds and thousands immigrants that arrive daily on the islands of Eastern Aegean. Go to our Greek2m eye story

Greece- Turkey FA ministers' agreement on measures to increase Aegean maritime safety

We agreed to reopen the exploratory talks, which concern the continental shelf in the Aegean, and to continue the discussion on confidence-building measures, on which I would say we have already had some success. said Nkos Kotzias thankning his counter minister. "We have already agreed on and announced confidence-building measures for maritime safety, which include 9 technical aspects that we won’t go into in a press conference."

Germany furious with Times report presenting facts that ex Greek government sent Syrian refugees to central Europe, under “secret deals

Anger as Greece sends its migrants to Germany  "Certainly, if the former Greek government did not act in accordance to EU law, this must be punished and prosecuted by the European Commission.”,

said Stephan Mayer, German Chancellor’s Angela Merkel representative as soon as the Chancellor was informed , by January 2015  MORE

Greece in America

Greek-American “Translation Affairs” : When missing words make the relations…
Greek -American relations have been recently through some tough moments concerning the comprehension of what, finally, the “real” terms of terrorism protection in Greece, and the western world, might be .
Read our story on moodhackerblog

“Do they want to support us to have growth… or do they decide to have Greece struggle, to punish Greece and to create an example of what happens to a country that has a left government,” Kotzias said at the end a four-day visit to Washington and New York, go to our story

'In an empty city, in an empty building', … Greece’s handshake with the IMF not a troll The crucial for Greece’s survival meeting with the Presidnt of IMF was set on Easer Sunday evening, and took place “in an empty city, and an empty building”, international correpondents wrote.
th us is
Yianis Varoufakis,
the Greek
Finance Minister,
e  brought us

President's Obama "Wellcome que" to Yianis

"Oh, this is Greece's Best Looking Man!"
Tieless, as you see, John Stamos gave the  dress code alibi to the Greek FM who was the special guest in White House hosted by the US  President who was on tie at the  White House reception for the Greek Independence day, April 2015
Enjoy on CNBC John Stamos' narration for this meeting,  where he was present on the chat of the two, but he didn't say a word.

Wow! see John Stamos' ad in US, that made Greek Yoghurt such a trend .

Find it on our Special Page

Did you knowin 1943 the United States Postal Service honored
 the nations overrun and occupied by the Nazis with a series of postage stamps.
find more 

Bring back our Happiness

the Most Unhappy are the Greeks, officially

By the recent OECD survey on Life satisfaction  Greek citizens are the most unhappy group in 36 OECD countries.Life satisfaction measures how people evaluate their life as a whole rather than their current feelings. When asked to rate their general satisfaction with life on a scale from 0 to 10, Greeks gave it a 4.7 grade, the lowest score in the OECD, where average life satisfaction is 6.6.

The poorest 20% of Danes are more joyful than the richest Greeks, Eurostat

A misery-out exit?

Greeks on the bottom of Happiness lists, go to updated article April 3, 2015
Poorer households paid disproportionately more in taxes and the tax burden to lower-income rose by 337%. In comparison, the tax burden to upper-income only 9% find more on HOW THE INDEX OF DESPAIR WAS CREATED IN GREECE

 while Greece is producing Happiness itself! 

What makes Greece
make our
brains happy?
It may be the colors, it may be the air.

From today's celebrities around the world to the famous poets and writers of older and contemporary times, the feeling of meeting Greece is often described as meeting another stage of being Intellectual people of the world have found this sense penetrative enough to get inspired and write about this instant high,whith which Greece signs on whoever meets her. What is it about Greece More

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The happy food in Greece. We merged our experience of Greece with science's recommendations for the happy food. Find that menu! on our Greek to me Happy Menu Page

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You are located at one of the most healthy lands on earth. Blessed geophysically, the greek Motherland has nourished since ancient times the mind and body of the western culture man. Still, the sunny land nowadays provides a reach variety of its "bio treasures" that promise a happy mind-body unforgettable experience.

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eads up, Greeks!

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70 % of school children fainting
οr craving  food during school hours in Greece. Thank you Europe, this is your growth…
Go to full article
  • Unemployment  soared to 25%
  • youth unemployment to 50%
  • the economy shrunk by 26%
  • consumption by 40 %

  • Debt has risen to 175 % of the nation’s gross domestic product.

  • And the funds from the loans
that Germany and other nations have extended to Greece have gone almost entirely either to cover interest payments or repay past loans;
  • only 11 %has  actually
gone to  Greece’s government for the countries' needs

Serious deprivation of basic good in the country  increased   from 11.2 pct in 2008 to  20.3 pct in 2013.  Probably doubled or tripled till now

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Greece, W
ake up  your Past...

Greece’s demand on Germany’s World War II dept “rebuffed” , the German Press wrote Since the very first days of this governmenet, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias took the Greek claim of  World War II Reparation from Germany in his jacket pocket when he visited Berlin for talks with his counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Tuesday. “In my inside pocket, I’ve got that part of the speech from the prime minister who addressed the issue (of reparations),” Kotzias said during the joint press conference with Steinmaier.

"Ethics can not be a la carte in Europe, dear Germany. You used legal tricks to avoid paying Greece for the repatriations, emphasised Tsipras in Parliament, Tuesday March 9, 2015 ...In 1990, the legal and political conditions were created for this issue to be solved. But since then, German governments chose silence, legal tricks and delay,” Tsipras said in his speech in Parliament

Greek President of Democracy
"I will stay totally consistent in my traditional view that the requirements of Greece on the issue of
German reparations and the issue of the occupation loan,  is active and legally enforceable."

a Memorandum with Russia 

  • #Greece, to bridge with ‘mama’ #RussiaAs a member of the EU, Greece, could act “as a link and a bridge” between Russia and the West. This is Alexis Tsipras’ and the Coalition government’s positioning on Greece’s relationships with “mama” Russia, as said by the Prime Minister
Greece did sign a Memorandum with #Russia, indeed
Greece and Russia signed the Memorandum of   “2016: Year of Greece-Russia relations,” a program of bilateral actions for 2015-2016
What the Samaras' plea to Putin for cheap gas was, one year before Greek ex-Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, was not invited to Moscow during his governance, but had asked for, and made finally real a meeting with the Russian President

arthe real talks
Haven't you noticed?

Tieless to the very end, says Alexis 

 "I promise I will wear it when we find a viable solution for Greecand Europe" more

o scandalous

Guilty for tampering the Lagarde List, Clear of Felony Charges the Former Greek Tsar who said “he was thrown to the dogs”
Guilty by the Athens Court for tampering with the Lagarde list but his case sparked the outrage among crisis-hit Greeks all over again, since he was cleared of felony charges . Read more on the fully updated article  He was cleared of felony charges. find more

Such a lack of interest for tax transparency, by the memorandum Governments, said Switzerland

German newspaper Die Welt recently accused Greece, -but mainly the ex Greek government this time-, for  not acting on opportunities to recover billions in lost tax, “The Greek government has done nothing for a year to recover supposedly untaxed assets of Greek citizens in Switzerland.find more

  • to Schaueble: "Overthrow me if you wish  You will always find me in front of you"

  • to Samaras: "It was a set up, there was set up trap, a plan for this
 government's downfall" 

Varoufakis :"This is our difference: We are not dependent
  from interests
the ex-governements and ministers were "

Go to our
How we got Here Page

the Bitter Euro

Greece and Germany in Cold War, says New Europe

The statements of Wolfgagang Schäuble who said that Greece must guarantee that the existing MoU is fulfilled,as to get any money form now on adding also,- after the crtitical eurogroup on Monday March 9, that Minister Varoufakis was the only minister in the Eurogroup to believe that time was not lost, and emphasing troika, must once again return to Athens,were interpreted by Athens as a “declaration of war." read more 

Since Alexis' Day One in gov, Draghi tied ECB’s Greek funding to bailout compliance

" Sure, there was a dirty set up plan, the Prime Minister had said. "Whoever believed in this, will be left disappointed". Read  more
"Finance Ministers of this
and the previous Greek governments should be appreciated the same  "
 Tsipras to Draghi,
the night before
Eurogroup of March 9

The once again contradictory impressions around Eurogroup for GreeceThere has been no time wasted, not by the Greek government….We were very speedy”.. “The idea of troika visits, comprising cabals of technocrats from the three institutions in lockstep walking into our ministries and trying to implement a programme which has failed … that is a thing of the past” Yiannis Varoufakis after the critical Eurogroup on Monday, March 9,  Find more
I never infuriated any of my colleagues, Varoufakis told the BBC, May 9th. My relationship with my colleagues is splendid. It’s professional and characterized by mutual respect.”

by the
 which one would you prefer

dirty Propaganda..

It is an information war

How Alexis smashed the Fear. Learn how the Greeks resisted to the very Fear Xperiment . Could Fear win the Elections game? Learn how Samaras smashed the Greek Hope on purpose

V for Vendetta Varoufakis deletes communication error, traps and lies, live, himself. Go to the article
Paul Mason, who first revealed the eurogroup  draft fiasco :
 "they want to destroy this government" says Manson, see the video

The true Lies and Truths, the fake political Communicators and the real ones, on a perfect orchestrated war .
Meet the originals
: The true game players

We are all Zorbas
 the Greeks..!

Indeed, the attitude of the Greeks is now very similar to that of Alexis Zorbas who was happily dancing while watching his house burning. When he was asked why he was so happy, dancing while his house was in flames, he said, “I have never seen such a catastrophe in my life.”

Go to article

get the viral Zorba the Greek

"We are the flesh of the flesh of this folk

, and we will serve every word of our constitution in support of the Greek dignity.

This is our order from this proud nation,

this folk who deserves our effort to the very end,whatever the cost"

Alexis, by a tear first PM peech in Parliament , March 1, 201,5


Dignity and Pride non negotiable

  • 83% reject the Memorandum of Understanding (bailout program), 6% favors the MoU for the debt repayment
  • 79% asks from the government “to make a deal with lenders to pay back smaller part of the debt, 10th day of new gov
  •  52% believe that the gov definitely has to reach an agreement with Eurolenders, 44% believe that the country should be uncaged from Memorandum,
on the 110th day day of Tsipras governement 

These are
the polls

64% see Tsipras government
in a positive  light
per Marc Poll by research conducted March 3-5
on national level 
  •  67% answered that Tsipras  would win the national elections if held now, and 21%Antonis Samaras  according to Palmos analysis research on May 9,2015

It's a
New Greece

Prophetic , and precise, the Economist magazine has reversed this way the insulting and vulgar Spiegel's  cover Page of last year for Greece, giving widely the international audience a chance,

to give Alexis a chance.....find this 

The American President stressed the need to resolve the problem of Greece’s bailout. According to information, Barack Obama told the German Chancellor that there should be a realistic solution, an agreement based on reforms so that Greece returns to growth within the euro zone.

 He also stressed that Greece needs reforms, especially in tax collection, find more, Updated, March 20/2015

...after all!

Congrats, Alexis you have the Greek Royale support !

Hasta la Vittoria! SYRIZA-Podemos Venceremos!"
Pablo Iglesias promising to follow Alexis' elections in Spain, for a change in the History of the austerity-hit European South

“Good afternoon comrade!”

Vladimir talked to Alexis in Greek

Since the first three days of Alexis Tsipras election

Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov Russia would consider giving financial help to debt-ridden Greece, stating that Greece had not yet asked Russia for assistance, but he did not rule out an agreement between the two countries if Greece came asking.“Well, we can imagine any situation, so if such petition is submitted to the Russian government, we will definitely consider it"

” Tsipras' government gives other leaders, particularly Renzi and Hollande, strong support in their negotiations with EU.  “And this is beneficial not only for Greece, but for the whole eurozone– which is being choked  by by austerity.“ more  Above,the buddies: Renzi -Tsipras Brslls

Bill Clinton called Tsipras to say congrats

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras received a congratulatory phone call from former US president Bill Clinton while in Rome. The premier is expected to meet Clinton during the event hosted by his foundation, the Clinton global initiative (CGI) in the summer in Greece.

Resolution for Ukraine:
Greece has stabilising role in the region
Expressing his concerns for  Greece’s safety, the regions’ stability, and European unity, the New Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Kotzias underlined the area’s potential threats, at an extraordinary meeting, more
State Department:
“I do not think we’re at the point of concerns” when she was questioned  about the Greek new government ‘s posistion for Ukraine

Let's try the lean life

 Introducing himself, first time to the wide Greek audience through the mass TV, Yiannis Varoyfakis reminded to all the living generations of the Greeks, that they were living with dignity in the old days, under a lean lifestyle which made life more creative, prosperous and finally happier. They were close to the land, they were attached to their families, they were investing to their kids' education, -each family , but all who could afford it-. Finally, Varoufakis concluded, "Growth is not meant by Porche Cayenne and credit cards.", go to full story by greek2m News  

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Who said
it 's fair with Greece?

"If you say that that is fair, I will understand it, you are with the lenders' side" Alexis Tsipras said, "But if you say that it is ethical too, I will totally dissagree. Much more, our governement dissagrees with those who expect that this might  be the way to make our red lines fade. They will be dissappointed while realising that  this will bring the opposite results " find the article on Linkedin

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 "In any case, any agreement reached must be  made within the framework of the people’s mandate," Alexis Tsipras clarified.

Greece has made recorded efforts and is totally consistent on the fulfillment of its obligations proving in parallel its volition for an agreement, of a mutually beneficial agreement, for which, and Greece’s partners should make the appropriate moves. go to story

Greek representative to IMF resigned, with no comment
Thanos Catsambas, the Greek representative to International Monetary Fund and one of the Fund’s alternate executive directors, resigned, unxpecedly on Wednesday. Greek media speculate whether Catsambas’ resignation is related by any means with the visit of Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis to IMF on Easter Sunday more .
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Alexis Tsipras had twitted:


In Berlin we met with Mrs. #Merkel. The solidarity march of the Greek and German people gave us so much strength  #Greece

8:26 PM – 23 Mar 2015

 Greek Woodstock

 A Greek reaction to the EU lenders'  Chocking game:  "Woodstock Party" in front of the Greek Parliament !...
Find the live the Marijuana March Athens 2015 that started from the Constitution Square in front of the Greek Parliament and run around the streets of Acropolis shaking the capital's downtown as never before..
on our Youtubecollection

SOS Greece

"Our aim is Safety and Human Rights" said Alexis Tsipras in Brussels on the extraoedinary Eurogroup meeting on Migration . Visit our SOSGreece Site  

Dublin Treaty to be revised

Tsipras asks for the Revision of Dublin treaty, condemns far-left approach on migration

The Dublin treaty has to be revised, said Prime Minister Tsipras after his meeting with the EU Commissioner on migration Demetris Avramoulos,“The need of a national strategic on migration is more urgent than ever”, said Alexis Tsipras, adding that migration in Geece is primarily a European solidarity issue.   The “previous Greek governements have let the country transform to a warehouse of souls”, 

“Also the tackling of migration has been left during these years mainy to the Police, nurturing ,at the moment as a problem, the contradictory appoaches of far-left,” Go to full story

Yeah! irresistible Blue Greek Armani's collection this year 

Eat your
suncreen! True

Take advantage of the rich nutritional value of the Greek land fruits and veggies and follow the best smart menu for a sun -kiss-tan  in Greece Visit our special Page 

You defintely find that yoghurt

Find that yoghourt! You have to
Pop in the world, Best for health, it is a happy, and a sexy food too

Greek hype

Greek wine lovers Hellenic wines’ hype by American sommeliers and all the world’s wine lovers 

Greek producers, writes the latest WSJ article, have gained something Portuguese winemakers can only dream of possessing: the hearts and minds of American sommeliers.

find more on greek2m on tumblr  

Secrets of the gods' life by greek2m

Meet the Greek wine , the nectar of the gods. Shot by shot,  back and forth in time, enjoy the senses!

Sexy Greeks,


People who worked as doctors in Ancient Greece suggested sex as a way to combat diseases such as: depression, dyspepsia, icterus, lower back pain, weak vision and more... Since then till now, learn the sexy secrets of this land . Find everything about that, and how to organise food for your day menu to become a hot Greek god...

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Unique for healing, first in the world the extra virgin olive oil

As first quality in the world the Greek olive oil won 12 Gold winning Awards . Find out why you should consume more and more of the virgin Greek olive oil By Greek2m
the Greece's goods , in NY, fresh, straight from the Greek land.New York City 1960

Welcome to the Greek Blue Zone, You can stay forever...!

It’s a mind and body combination of factors on a lifestyle that takes place away from big cities, driven from our ancient ancestors’ roots on Medicine, and kept alive since then, on the island of Ikaria especially.

By recent Research Ikaria popped up among the five and only in the world countries of the Blue Zones

Go to our article on Greek2m News,

by moodhacker

Fat-tax in Greece?

Yup! You have to bite that bites early soon in Greece

Early enough in Greece, be cautious of mosquitos flying infected in Greece, allaround Greece, and sometimes all the year long. Know the facts, go to our WNV Page


You sexy Varoufakis
"What makes Yanis Varoufakis a sex icon" was a headline in conservative newspaper Die Welt over a story that raved about "his balding head, cool style and muscular Yamaha motorcycle".

Oh, Greece is the place of Happiness!

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Greek CDC to Hoteliers

For Cruise Travelers Health Safety

Pet Healthy in Greece

be Aware in Jacouzi for hygiene

be Aware in Jacouzi, old showers,

public spas

AND NOT ONLY The Greek CDC Alert on Legionella for cruiseships and hotel accomondations FULL STORY

 Your safety. Are you safe dear traveller?

Australian tourist shot in down town Athens during terrorist Maziotis arrest, sues Greek government one year later

Tourist Grant Uranie was relaxing in an outdoors cafe in the bustling shopping district of Monastiraki in Athens and waiting for his souvlaki.

The 20-year-old Australian, who was two days into a 15-day Contiki tour of Greece, saw a man who looked like a tourist running and holding something. He was being chased by four armed police, who were yelling. Then the man emerged one metre behind him.

What was supposed to be a leisurely lunch with friends in the European summer of July 2104 turned into a shoot-out between Nikos Maziotis, one of Greece’s most-wanted terrorists, and police in an operation by the counter-terrorism unit.

“We all just dropped to the ground,” Mr Uranie recalled....View on moodhackerblog , WordPress

Are you really cybersafe?

Take care of your laptop, tablet and electronic devises while in Greece. Do you have any idea What today the Hackers do, why you might be important to cyber thieves while you travel?
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The new and authentic Hard Rock Cafe will be located in the Monastiraki district in the historical center of Athens, in very close distance to the Acropolis. Learn more

Where in Time is this?

Is this real?
Yes. The Girl and the Gold also.
 Ancient sculpted gold, nowdays, for your eyes only  Find out in which museum in Greece you can enjoy how the golden ages's Greeks treasurred Beauty on our fully updated Museums Page
Athens asks for its European Heritage Label

The Heart of Ancient Athens was selected, by other 15 European areas, to receive the European Heritage Label (EHL) out of a total of 36 sites that had been submitted for their roles in European history and the activities they have developed to highlight their European dimension


"I was so wrong!"

Howard Jacobson   "For years I have argued against holidays and giving back the Elgin Marbles. I was wrong about both..But a funny thing happens, reader, when you wander round the marvellous Acropolis Museum in Athens and note a signal absence, and an even funnier thing happens when you find yourself dining with Greeks on a rooftop restaurant beneath the Parthenon itself  
Suddenly, you know the Marbles don’t belong to you. 
A mad impulse grips me. I will get them back for you, I want to say!..." See more

unique, ancient DNA pools

In Vergina's tomb, a sponge, 2500 years old was found, probably as a personal, live DNA material of Phillip. But the knowledge of the science was not adequate, 50 years ago to, to care by today’s knowledge for this “rare ancient gene pool”, as he characterized it , “that was uniquely found in a sponge”. The sponge has been kept in formalin, and the DNA traces have been destroyed Learn  more about this story on the Greek2m eye post

Yeah! 1,5 million for two limos

1,5 million the cost of the two limos, the memorandum governors, Vangelis Venizelos and Antonis Samaras were using while the folk was bleeding. Alexis Tsipras took them back and put them on auction, since his first days

Ready with your Emergency  Kit for Greece?

Ready with your Emergency  Kit for Greece? Here is everything you need to always carry on with you to keep you safe. Go to speial Page

Greece's Public Health

No Public Hospital or Mental Clinic is to close under this govt, said to UN Commissioner the Greek Minister Health His concern for the vulnerable Mental health patients in Greece, and any possible option of this government to activate the previous government’s decision for the closure of Psychiatric Hospitals without providing alternative structures, expressed to the Greek Minister of Health Panagiotis Kouroublis, the UN Commissioner for Human Rights, Mr. Jan Jarab, Regional Representative of the European office of Human Rights.more

The Greek CDC passenger card

Traveling to or from the Ebola affected countries? Be aware of the Greek CDC guidelines and the Passenger Card you have to complete

Smell the Veggies ! Welcome the Spring from early March and Celebrate your senses, so Greek to me !

Enjoy our Pinterest collections,

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 ....To the governors, “Stay modest, as the Jesus Christ paradigm is,  and keep your love for your people, our folk, Greece and its people”, said Archibishop.
To the faithful, “Don’t be sullen,as Jesus said to his disciples. Keep your Faith, and Hope ipso facto comes. The Anastasis is ahead, you may smile …..“
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Christ is Risen! Verily He is Risen.

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