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The Greek Way: No matter what   ... you should smash the pomegranate !
 In Greece, 
people hang a pomegranate above the front door of their house. 
By the New Year, the fruit has dried, so the Greeks throw it on the ground of  front door so it breaks, 
and step into the house on right foot..
The Ancient Rebirthing Pomegranate, So Greek to me !

The pomegranate fruit has been used throughout history and in virtually every religion as a symbol of humanity’s central beliefs and ideals, namely, life and death, rebirth and eternal life, fertility and marriage, and abundance...
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Greek Christmas Days


Christmas in White 

Protect Yourself from Snowfall in Greece

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Prayer and Faith

In Crete the Original 2016- year-old Gifts of the Magi to to newborn Jesus for public Prayer 

The gifts of the Magi, the wise men to the Newborn Jesus are intact and safeguarded in a monastery in Greece. Durig this Christmas  the priceless gifts have been displayed from  the Monastery of St. Paul, one of twenty monasteries on the Mount Athos peninsula to the Tito Monastery for public praying .Read Full Post »

Source: ESA

"'Adoration of the Magi,' one scene in a fresco cycle, painted by the Florentine master Giotto di Bondone. The cycle decorates the interior of the Scrovegnichapel in Padua and was probably begun in 1303. Halley's Comet appeared in 1301 and served as a model for Giotto's 'Star of Bethlehem'. ESA named its mission to Halley's Comet 'Giotto' in recognition of the fact that Giotto di Bondone made the first 'scientific' drawing of the comet recorded in history."


Feel Greek Christmas

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Decorate a small Christmas boat 

Athens has its own on Syntagma square .
Traditionally Greeks would decorate a small boat instead of a tree. The tradition dates back hundreds of years when many Greeks were working as seamen.
During Christmas time, when they were returning home after the long travels, the wives and kids would celebrate their return by decorating small wooden boats for the “Welcome home”. Besides , it's St. Nicolas the protector of the seamen.... 
Ancient Greece in Christmas Spirit
We can find a variety of similarities in the commemoration of the birth of Christ and Dionysus between ancient and contemporary Greece. If we look at the ancient Greek history and the traditions within, we will see that some of our customs have their roots in ancient Greece.

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The patron saint of the holiday,  Saint Nicolas, for the Christian  Orthodox is also the protector of sailors. For this reason, you will often see boats decorated with many sparkling lights, rather than the traditional Christmas trees.

Taste Greek Christmas

Christ’s Bread On Christmas Eve, the housewife bakes Christopsomo, a centuries-long custom,  a sweet yeast bread decorated with the symbol of the cross  that intersects  the bread into four segments. On Christmas Day, the head of the family takes the loaf, makes a cross blessing upon it, cuts it into pieces and offers it to family members and those present at the Christmas dinner, a symbolic representation of the Holy Communion, when Jesus Christ gave the bread of life to all mankind

Kourabiedes During Christmas Season in Greece the favourite festive sweets and desserts  become widely available: Melomakarona, Diples and Kourabiedes.
Melomakarona is supposed to be a dessert that’s suitable for those following the Orthodox Christian fasting, which doesn't allow the consumption of any dairy/animal products.

Sing Greek Christmas

The Carols

Christmas caroling is very popular, and although you might hear them being sung at any given moment during the holiday season, there are actually three "official" caroling days. The custom is that children go from house to house singing the carol, with the accompaniment of a triangle, and residents of the houses give them a small amount of money. Greek Christmas carols (calanda) are sung on the mornings of Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and January 5, the Eve of the Epiphany.

There are two sides to Christmas in Greece; one is religious and solemn, while the other is festive and glamorous. Both of them have their charm. Most towns in Greece are decorated with bright lights, bells, angels and other Christmasy objects.

Travel Greek Christmas

During Christmas time in Greece, you should discover the mainland villages with the picturesque stone-brick houses and narrow alleyways, which in the wintertime resemble a small Santa's village.

 Most winter resorts in the countryside offer quaint accommodations and are  close to Greece's snow centers

The most popular onesParnassos near the town of Arcahova, Pertouli and Pilio in the region of Thessaly, Tymfristos in the Karpenissi area, Helmos in the town of Kalavrita, Mainalos in Vytina, Peloponnese, Vasilitsa in Grevena and Kaimaktsalan in Edessa.

source: SETE

By the Ambassad's eyes

Fantasize Greek Christmas 

The goblins
According to tradition, during the Greek 12 days of Christmas (December 25 to January 6), goblins come out to tease people and eat their food. This tradition is based on the legend that the "waters aren't christened" since Christ has not yet been baptized. The goblins are renowned for their ugliness and their impishness. They are not very intelligent and can't really hurt anybody. It is said that they enter houses through chimneys, and this is the reason people, especially in villages, keep the fireplace lit during the 12 days of Christmas
Bedtime Greek fairytales:
Instead of reading your kids their favorite fairytales in English, try to read them in Greek during the holidays  Listening to Greek, even if you have to explain some parts in English, can be really fun and beneficial for the kids’ comprehension and listening skills