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"The grandeur
that  is

Lying just below the Acropolis, the Agora was the heart of ancient Athens, the Times Square of the ancient city, it was here where news was exchanged, merchants squabbled, tradesmen haggled with customers, deals were struck.  It was here where democracy was born and practiced in council sessions and open meetings. Here Socrates and Plato discoursed and, centuries later, St. Paul preached...Go to the charming article of a recent traveler

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"the light in Greece penetrated my pores...." Henry Miller

Miller in Hydra, by greek2m

"the body becomes a new and wonderful instrument; you look at plants or stones or fish with different eyes; 

you wonder 

what people are struggling to accomplish

 by their frenzied activities; ... "

(The Colossus of Maroussi)   

go to the authentic script of Henry Miller for the Greek light, here

try the GreekDay  biotreasures

Chili ginger granita with watermelon and pistachios, by greek2m

BE INFORMED for the rich variety of bio-treasures that compose your everyday Greek life

and get ready to take advantage of the melody of senses, the natural aromas, the color, taste and texture of the motherland food, herbs and fresh seafood

Be prepared to avoid any 
ERROR that could disturb your joy during the sunny Greek days
Greek ouzo, by greek2m

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Really? THIS IS WHERE BIOLOGY IS BORN........ let your genes be harmonised 

In the 4th century BC the Greek philosopher Aristotle traveled to Lesvos, an island in the Aegean teeming, then as now, with wildlife. His fascination with what he found there, and his painstaking study of it, led to the birth of a new science - biology. Professor Armand Leroi follows in Aristotle's footsteps to discover the creatures, places and ideas that inspired the philosopher in his pioneering work.

Discover your own bio-treasures while you are in Greece , they carry nutritional value on maximum levels, a taste you may never a experienced, they instantly give   the body the "boost"

Step back in time and Space 

Meet Greece through the ruins that made glory and history.....

the centuries of outstanding art on your feet Go to our

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visit also the Odysseus Journey of the official Ministry o Culture site

Touch the earth's hilum...  

 ..."Known in ancient times as the center of the universe, explore the charming village of Delphi and its ancient temples where some say something magical still resonates.  Visti the dramatic remains of ancient Delphi where countless pilgrims and Kings traveled to seek advice for their pressing matters from the oracle.  Spend time exploring the Archaeological Museum where several of the significant pieces from the sanctuary are housed...."

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This is Greece, dear Traveler,

so anything you experience or face here, is certainly Greek to you 

Greek to me ! is your smart  live , mobile & ever friendly guide, for your visit and your stay in Greece 

Even for Greeks, everyday life navigation is disoriented. today

So trust our site , it's so Greek to you  ....

Why visit Greece   

.....Likewise, Greece’s long experience in accommodating all kinds of travellers in all kinds of settings, styles and seasons, should be highlighted. 

Other key features include the continuing existence of authentic traditions, and –

most importantly – the immense wealth of highly memorable and significant sites (ranging from prehistoric monuments, the remains of Classical antiquity everywhere – including a host of newly renovated state-of-the-art museums, more of which were slated to open in 2013 and beyond – to Byzantine monasteries, medieval castles, traditional villages and so on, but also including less well-known attractions, e.g. fine Ottoman buildings, Art Deco architecture in some of the cities, mementos of Greece’s turbulent 20th century history, a vibrant urban life in the major cities, etc).

This rich mixture of widely varied attractions is the real essence of Greece and has too long been neglected in favour of “simpler” options.
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Greece tourists, by greek2m

Dance me to the end of!

A tourist couple kiss atop the Areopagus Hill opposite the ancient Acropolis, with the city of Athens in the background, Aug. 30, 2013. Spending by tourists in Greece surged this summer, giving the debt-laden country a welcome injection of cash. (Petros Giannakouris /AP)

Irene Neuwith's Travel Diary

      After her long flight from Los Angeles

 to London to Athens, and then her eight-hour overnight boat ride from Athens to Patmos,, Irene Neuwirth, the fine jewelry designer whose colorful statement pieces are red carpet regulars and top sellers at Barneys New York wrote: "

" And then you drag your bags down,.

and you’re waiting in the bottom of the boat where they let the cars out, 

and it opens out into paradise. It’s so gorgeous.!”

Neuwirth traveled to the small Greek island, her first vacation in years, to visit her friend Ileana Makri, a fellow jewelry designer she met a few years ago at the Couture Las Vegas jewelry show..  go to the full story of Travel Diary of the New York Times September, 2013


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A new cyclical express bus route from the port of Piraeus, Greece to the Acropolis Museum and Syntagma, the X80, is availaable for the tourists The new bus route is estimated to make the trip from Piraeus to the centre of Athens in 30 minutes, linking the cruise ship terminal at Piraeus with the city’s chief sight-seeing destinations for tourists.


Passengers will be able to travel quickly and conveniently from Piraeus to the Acropolis and Syntagma, either with a daily travel card offering unlimited travel on all public transport for 4 euros, or with the three-day tourist travel card costing 20 euros that again gives unlimited travel on all public transport and also includes trips to and from Athens International Airport.

The new bus route will run every day of the week, starting at 7 a.m. from Xaveri Coast, with buses departing every half hour until 9:30 in the evening. The round trip will cover a distance of about 25 kilometres and make 11 stops along the way at the following locations:
X80 Terminal, Piraeus Port Organisation (OLP), Piraeus Town Centre, Syggrou-Fix metro station, Akropolis (at 6 Sygrou Avenue), Syntagma (on Syntagma Square), Piraeus Town Centre to Piraeus, Piraeus Town Centre to Terminal, OLP to Terminal, Terminal. MAY 14, 2014

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