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Lesvos Shaken, Vrisa


The ruined Vrisa, Lesvos June 12, 2017 


Serious worries for new strong earthquake in Lesvos island expressed by scientists

New seismic vibration 4.4 Richter was recorded at 07:35 on Wednesday morning in Lesvos  in less than 48hours after the disastrous earthquake in Lesvos on monday, at the same epicenter, the seismologists said .

Danger of a new , even more disastrous earthquake is already expressed officialy by the county/'s top scientists after the assessment of the earthquake's rift that has been energized on an area that has gone through the same fatality 172 yeas earlier .

The director of the Geosynthetics Institute of the Athens Observatory, Akis Tselentis, stated "I'm not convinced that it was the main earthquake," ....


The History of Vrisa lost deep back in time... 

The ancient History of Vrisa buried now in its ruins

The ancient Vrissa...

The establishment of Vrissa is covered by the mist of myth.As the first founder of Lesvos is reported Makar. According to the politician and historian Androtion, Makar established the temple of Dionysus on Vrissa cape, called today...

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