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Generics Drugs and Counterf


Generics "are no panacea," EU states warned

The use of generic drugs opens up great potential for cash-strapped healthcare systems, but a leading expert has warned of the “danger of a decline in treatment quality and in potential savings” if such policies are not carried out correctly.

“Ultimately, it is all about safety,” Professor Nikos Maniadakis, associate dean of Greece’s National School of Public Health told the annual European Health Forum in Gastein, Austria, oin October 2013.   
In many cases the conditions under which a generic drug is allowed to replace the originator product are not clear. A recent study involving 65 countries has shown wide variations between them in terms of how they define the term “generic,” he said, and called for more research to be conducted urgently to guarantee safety in what is “usually a very simple approval process for generic drugs.”
Nor is the economic advantage of using generics automatically guaranteed, Prof Maniadakis added. These products “really have to be much cheaper to be worthwhile,”