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Demi Moore was in Greece this summer  but remained invisible . She was seen dinning at a a well-known Mykonos restaurant but did manage to avoid the paparazzis. Eye-witnesses were amazed to see she had slipped international media attention to enjoy her Greek Island visit without any flash- harassment.Read details for Demi Moore's stay in Greece, and more on each of the Hollywood and the world's Celebrities in Greece days this summer; 2013, on Greek Islands' Travel special Page 

(photo's of Demi on the yacht on the slideshow above, from her earlier vacations on Mediterrannean, years 2005, 2006)

The Invest In Greece agency has already received over 300 individual requests and queries in regards to Greece’s residence permit offer to third-country citizens that want to invest in the country.

According to the agency’s CEO, Stephanos Issaias, 40 percent of the requests were submitted mainly from China, India, Egypt, Libya and Russia.

 Emir of Qatar, a buyer of 13 islands on Ionion, , on vacations by his boat

Flush with billions of dollars from Qatari royal family’s oil wealth, Emir Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani recently purchased six Greek islands in the Ionian Sea for a paltry sum of $11.1 million. 

the VIPs and the Style,
 simply on  Greek Blue

How could he be out?   As soon as he stepped by his Muse on MYKONOS,, he had already made headlines....

{Down} Maria Menounos launching , as a Greek herself, the blue flag bikini 

So , Guess who walked here, just next to you... .

Kefalonia down to Crete 

Giorgio Armani : with Style, always, and his Crossing  the seas 

July 25. 2013


Naomi Cambel : Sexy and Single  

July 24, 2013


Monica Belucci: the real diva, truly relaxed

July 25, 2013

Greek blue for Glam 

Madonna in Greece late July at the  Odesseus Island, Ithaka. 

But incognito

The celebrities in Greece

they usually arrive: by cruiser or helicopter

they prefer : the Ionian, the Cyclades, Crete and North Aegean

they dress : the chic and simple. The In and trendy . The Nude

they love:  Crystal Beaches, Greek Food 

they  interact : ( when not private) On their walks on the island streets, on the Beach

Greece IS a must!

“I cannot understand how I lived 49 years on this planet and had never visited the Greek islands. Yassou Mykonos, I will come back,” Russell Crowe wrote in his personal twitter account after visiting the island of Mykonos for a few days Greece Drew the Celebs This Summer, by Greek Reporter

Is Greece so in, this Year?


Dolce & Cabbana inspired by Greek Mythology for 2014

" Men's Beauty by the eyes of Ancient Greeks"

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana Spring Summer 2014 collection tales an epic tale of Greek Mythological proportions through the runway.

Greece Inspires Fashion

Light Grecian pleats for a marvelous mermaid !

Click on the picture above for the amazing slideshow of the Amazing Greece / Incroyable Greece Community 

Best hotels in Greece
by the USA Luxury Hotels Association

Giorgos Tragas, a tough reporter, journalist,

and a star, also on Mykonos. He watches, thinks

(tricky), and laughs

August 4, 2013