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Praying to Heal from Greek2Greek is a common everyday practice that goes deep back in time, and deep down to the human isnstict of the social belief  that  prayer can do results..

The practice is considered among Greeks to ward off the bad energy, called the "bad eye" that is believed to be an  isntant result of peoples' live  interaction, especially when they meet  face2face, and can be derived from jealousy, mean feelings, but also admiration.

The symptoms of interacdtion+ feelings bad energy are  widely in Greece known to be headacke, energy drain, vomiting tendency, difficulty in speech , breath, and others that remind a light version of a vertigo.



You can experience this prayer-sharing greek Orthodox ritual actually everywhere in Greece, across all social levels, and among faithful and atheists. This can happen on the streets, in the bus, on the beach, in the office, in the bar, at partytime, even in the middle of a wild bouzouki night!.

Not all greeks know to do the prayer to relive sufferers from symptoms.  But almost everyone has a mother, grandmothe, aunt or friend ho does.



Usually the request for the "bad eye" is done through telefone call or sms . It can be local  or even trans-atlantic since the techinique is widely tried , tested, and believed



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