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The Healing Greek Coffee

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Indeed, the special Greek Coffee, has been proved to promote heart health protect against heart attack and lead to longer life?

A groundbreaking study shows that to reap the most potent heart-health and long-life rewards of coffee, you should opt for super-powered Greek coffee.

A recent study published in Vascul...

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#Patsa for #Hungover, the After Remedy in #Greece

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It's considered working-class food,though  the most well known patsa restaurants  have been a trend, in the meat market in Athens fpr decades.Patsa is a soup made of the intestines of a pig, and served with red pepper, vinegar and garlic  

Nutritional scientists explain that the traditional Greek remedy soup popular among Greeks for After hou...

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The very #GreekBlue Picnic trend

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““Picnic Athens” started as an idea between friends who enjoy picnicking. Picnickitself, in Greece , an...

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Try the #longevity sea urchin picnic on the #beach in #Greece, and never age...

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Sea urchin is by far one of the most divine delicacies you can ttry or treat your guests in Greece. Fresh, raw, full of omega3, it  is known as the daily "picnic" by the shore for the Greeks in the sunny summer days. They are fpund only in waters that are very clean, so , despite the unplea...

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Cod and Leeks Unique Recipe from Agiasos, Lesvos

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You will need 

One very small leaf salted cod

1 kg of leeks

1 onion

1 bunch celery

3-4 potatoes

tomato juice

olive oil




We first heat olive oil and fry the onion which we have chopped, with the leeks and the celery. ...

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