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"Im so happy !"Ahhhh I’m lucky! this place is incredible,’ Kendall Kardaahian tweeted to her 5,.3 million followers. ‘Had such a fun day in paradise’   Kylie echoed her older sister’s sentiment: ‘Having the most amazing time…IM SO BLESSED...

Greece on top of romantic destinations

Greek islands 2nd Dream Destination after Hawai, Greece 7nth Dream Destination of the World

SantoriniWorld's best island  by Travel & Leisure
MagazineSantorini gained first place with a score of 89.98, beating out Maui, Hawaii that generated 89.51. Last year, the
Greek island ranked 4th place.

Go to the original article for Travel and Leisure Annual Awards

Mykonos : top celebrities getaway

Mykonos island is among the 10 places celebrities love spending their holidays the most, according to “The relaxing atmosphere of Mykonos and the fun activities such as snorkelling, sunbathing, visiting Little Venice, or photographing the windmills make this place a luxurious paradise,” see more

Navagio of Kefalonia, top beach in the world, Enjoy it while still free . Rumors say it's already sold

Our Greece on Sale

That Beach! this Gov would sell it?  

The Greek branch of WWF called the bill ‘criminal’:

We consider absolutely unjustifiable the comprehensive reduction in legal protections of the natural landscape and natural resources in the name of a chaotic, unsustainable and clearly dubious on economic terms idea of ‘development’” while the social media were filled with enraged citizens expressing their intense disapproval of the plans with Facebook pages and online petitions

.Vote against this, Go to our Special Page,

Selling the Paradise 

The company that MAY HAVE ALREADY BOUGHT, OR,is allegedly planning to buy the area around Navagio beach, is an international real estate company related to the Emir of Quatar, while the seller is the last descendant of an old noble family of the island, who have owned the titles since the 17th century....

A treat? That's probably the most all-senses-boost-in-a-shot toast serving you can be treated in Greece. Traditional at most, found everywhere. Click here for more  

The Greek Marinas Association (GMA) has reported a

 number of departures of foreign-owned yachts due to the new charges imposed since the start of the year on recreational vessels.

The new regulations received much attention from cruising sailors and international organizations, associations and unions active in the maritime tourism domain  

For more, 

Find that 

Greek yoghurt!

Although in Europe and the United States the Greek Yogurt countsd millions of fans, in Greece, most people have not yet heard the term Greek Yogurt. The fact is, nor have their governors... Find our what's so special with the Greek yogurt , on our special page 

Meet the Greek wine , the nectar of the gods. Shot by shot,  back and forth in time, enjoy the senses!

Step on


land of


Celebrate your senses and map your pleasure

Wake up cheerful and get to live with  the lust of a real Greek centenarian

Discover how to lift your Health  and Happiness in the splash of every single summer moment.

Navigate your footsteps by the wisdom of this very blessed piece of earth...

Greek2m!  your 
24/7 mobile guide to keep you and your family
Healthy in Greece      

You are located at one of the most healthy lands on earth. Blessed geophysically, the greek Motherland has nousihed since ancient times the mind and body of the western culture man. Still, the sunny land nowadays provides a reach variety of its "bio treasures" that promise a happy mind-body unforgetable experience

Unfortunately the national devastating financial crisis of the recent years has damaged Health services, and continues to threaten Public Health Safety seriously for anyone, Greek or the foreigner, who is not aware of the potential risks. The explosion of illicit immigration weakens the public immunity, which, though, has been kept strong up to now, despite the chaos that local and international citizens have to face in the need of viziting a National Hospital. 

The greek2m mobile Guide is your live social media friend on hand, available anytime anyplace, as a life navigator for the Greek land,  to help you and your beloved ones get the most of  the longevity secrets of the country, and on the same time be for you always on the ALERT for any life threatening cicumstances

Proud of you, Greece!

The Acropolis Museum, of the Best in the World The editors included Acropolis Museum on their list taking into consideration the rich archaeological collections hosted inside the Museum and the utmost simplicity of its design, which is strongly connected with the mathematical and conceptual clarity of Ancient Greece. Its location also seems ideal since it stands less than 1,000 feet southeast of the Parthenon - See

Second best Theater in the World the Odeon of Herod Atticus

Widely also known as the Herodion, located under the Acropolis second best theater in the world  to watch live performances, according to a list compiled by Canadian newspaper Globe and Mail. Topping the list is the open-air Minack Theatre in England.

Entitled “Top venues for live theater,” the list includes the best locations around the world where one can watch  theater, dance and music performances.

On the Odeon of Herod Atticus, the article mentions the Greek theater’s history and refers to it as “the best example of an authentic Greek theater.”

 Acropolis, a trap for tourists, CNN 

."Ruggedly modern Athens may be a culture shock to those expecting white marble and togas at every turn, but for many the most jarring experience awaits at the ticket barriers to the Acropolis .This is Athenian culture refined and placed on a pedestal 150 meters high --The country's monuments have endured thousands of years of warfare, stone theft, punishing heat and, in one dramatic incident,an exploding ammo dump -- but they're still here.Be inspired by that, grit your teeth and brave those crowds. It's worth it"

t takes a walk to love you, Greece!"

"I was so wrong!"
Howard Jacobson
"For years I have argued against
holidays and giving back the Elgin Marbles. I was wrong about both..But a funny thing happens, reader, when you wander round the marvellous Acropolis Museum in Athens and note a signal absence, and an even funnier thing happens when you find yourself dining with Greeks on a rooftop restaurant beneath the Parthenon itself  
Suddenly, you know the Marbles don’t belong to you. 
A mad impulse grips me. I will get them back for you, I want to say!..." See more

Visit our  Elgines Marbles Page and read for  the Campaign and the Successful awareness of the Ministry of Culture to bring the marble gods back!

Indeed! This Unique Pre- cycladic Art Statue returned from the German to the Greek Archaeological

Museum on June 5, 2014 . Know its path to repatriation

The new film,
The Two faces of January, set in Greece.
Such a Go Greece teaser!

Hi traveler!

Are you sure you know Greece's travel attractions?


the 16

reasons why Greeks

know better

from life ....

By the Huffington Post , May 2014


test yourself on this country's tourist attractions. by the smart test of

Lady Gaga Live in Athens, September 19





The Mykonos Theoxenia renewed 60s style by the glamour of an era that had Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly among its first fans.....

The Full Moon free Opera at the Acropolis Museum. August 10

The third Paradise of Michaelangelo Pistoletto at Eleusina , Attiki, August 30

Vanessa Mae , Herodium Theater September 27

The Beach Street 2nd International Graffiti & Music Festival,on Lesvos island, Mytilene, 1-3 August

Terror, are you safe
dear Traveler?

Top Greek terrorist arrested, two tourists seriously injured on the spot 

Local media reported that police were alerted by a store employee about a suspicious customer who appeared to be carrying a gun. The customer, who turned out to be Maziotis, allegedly opened fire and tried to make a getaway in a taxi, but was stopped a short distance away by police and again opened fire.

Maziotis is now transferred to the Prison hospital under heavy police guard. He was freely living as a Greek nextdoor using the name of the minister of Internal Affairs 

Photographs from the scene of the shooting showed the suspect lying in a pool of blood on a sidewalk, his hands handcuffed behind his back, before he was taken in a police-escorted ambulance to a nearby hospital.

Police said the others wounded were a police officer and two bystanders, both foreign tourists. Witnesses at the scene told the AP that an Australian tourist was lightly wounded in the leg. The other tourist was a German who was also lightly wounded, authorities said.

- See more

What is terror and what honor? 

United States Strongly Objects to Event Honoring 17 November.. that took place in the Athens law School !

The Embassy of the United States of America in Greece expressed its strong objection to the event held on June 27 at the University of Athens Law School , For more , visit our Special Page 

  • Genetic match  of the veteran extremist who left prison by allowance and never came back found on the envelope bomb mechanism that had been sent to the Police...In a statement, Greek police said DNA found on the bomb sent to Itea police station, central Greece, "is identical" to DNA detected in a car used by Christodoulos Xiros to go into hiding while he was on prison leave earlier this year.More, on our Greek to me ! fully updated article, May 4, 2014



  Greece, MERS Alert

77 passengers and doctors under screening Quarantine measures by the Greek CDC

Learn the worrying symptoms of MERS and why you should be conscious for destinations of the Arab Peninsula

SOS Cover up for bites 24/7

Protect you and your family form WNV, ( which might be mutated) , and also from malaria in certain agricultural areas .Learn why

Ouch! Sun is burning here  since early May; even on shade...Make real the best of your sun-kissed tan in Greece

 Protect yourself from heat , and get a healthy, sexy tan

Protect your pet  before coming in Greece.Be aware also for your own protection. Rabies in Greece is back

Marry me in Greece!

Rose, blue Weddings!


masse,on the Greek islands

The Chinese rose weddings in Crete, and more Chinese mass weddings 

For this year’s “Rose Wedding” ceremony, 16 Chinese couples tied the knot at the Koules fortress in Chania, Crete, For the time speaking the newly married couples are sailing on a week long on a week-long honeymoon that includes visits to Rethymnon, Agios Nikolaos and Heraklion. The Aegean honeymoon will wrap up with a visit to Santorini ... more  by Greek Travel Pages

Visit our special Page on Weddings in Greece

Greek islands on top of the dream, one of Asia's leading hotel booking sites and part of Nasdaq-listed Priceline Group (Nasdaq:PCLN), today announced the results of their Global Honeymoon Survey, which shows the Maldives is the top dream honeymoon, by the Greek islands coming on second place. Research was conducted in January and February 2014, among more than 15,000 customers who were asked to pick their dream honeymoon location from among 20 destinations.

Is Greece  really

The two famous Greek bitcoin hackers & the Facebook thanks

  • Brigadier Sfakianakis:“We managed to avert a significant threat of digital safety which caused big problems to millions of internet users around the world".”
  • The malware, which the two Greek hackers had prduced themselves, called Lecpetex, has the ability to self-disseminate, so it managed to infect automatically all contacts and friends of the first user who opened the first malware message...

Facebook in order to meet the major glitches that caused to computer systems this particular virus, had to continuously change the privacy policy for its users, by introducing specific security mechanisms for all users...

But the two Greek hackers were mostly able to overcome even the Facebook privacy safety updates, by using advanced techniques and software. Go to greek2m full article 

Travellers may become victims of cyber-attacks, cybercrime, monitoring or surveillance when traveling to certain countries where there is strong scientific competition, or where violence and crime are prevalent, notes the NDCU special page,

In most countries you have no expectation of privacy in Internet cafes, hotels, offices, or public places..Visit our New update Page for your Cyber protection 

Greek to me !

Save yourself and your beloved ones in Case of Emergency in Greece


Be aware of Health and Safety Alerts in Greece and the Mediterranean 24/7 


Share the traditional longevity secrets of this land, and meet Greek -islanders who  forget to die  


Greece gay dream destination

The Greeks are a warm and hospitable people and you can expect to encounter very few problems on account of your sexuality. The age of consent in Greece is 17, the same as for heterosexuals. Gay life on the islands is focused on Mykonos, particularly if you are looking for fun, crowded beaches and hot nights. Of course beaches available for gay cruising can be found also on other islands such as Santorini, Kriti, Rodos, Corfu and Skiathos that lately is staring being more attractive to many gay tourists.... See more

Greece's hit on gay tourism as well
At least for 2013, Greece was included in the top 10 most desired gay destinations globally according to the report released by Out Now Business Class, the world's leading LGBT business networking membership association. Athens also made its appearance in the same report as a favored "gay city destination" in the top 10 cities of Europe. Read more

  • A former MP and former Secretary of the socialist Pasok party  slapped with felony charges for violating state secrets. 
  • Six men, one of whom , National Intelligence Agency's (EYP) agent 
and its former espionage director  charged for  forming a gang that plotted to assassinate the prominent journalistKostas Vaxevanis 
  • Samaras' spokesman

 has been permanently expelled from the Union of Athens Daily Journalists 

due to his role in the government’s decision to suddenly pull the plug on public broadcaster ERT

But so, what ?  go to our full sotry

Greece's blackholes on basics: Truth, Decision and Freedom of Speech

According to the Freedom of Press Index 2014, of the FreedomHouse organisation Greece is out of the standards of the Western World and has dropped in the rankings because, among others, of the government's decision last year to shut down the country's public broadcaster. The report also cites increased government surveillance of Greek journalists as a reason for the drop. Greece stands among the partly free countries of the world and not the free ones ...

Go to greek2m article

When Propaganda and

(new) Democracy undoubtedly merge...

A completely different result from what the pre-election polls  had forcasted, came outof  the first round of the Local elections in Greece, shaking, obviously , the means of credibility of the greek media landscape as a whole , and also of the manipulation of the public opinion such "prokat" pre-election polls may finally achieve.

The Greek public opinion becomes another experiment on this special time, and has been "directed" and "diverted" multiple times before, but now this is on its peak .

More by our full story by Greek to me!

Hey!  Did you notice?

There is a Human Rights Report for

Press Freedom in Greece 2013

by the US Department of State. And not only for the Press.... 

For more visit 

Press, Spies & Information War  

Famine and the German Boοt 

73 years ealier 

German soldiers and working children in Kavala, during the great famine in Greece, 1941 Unknown photographer,

Released  by Wikipedia January 16, 2014

This image (or other media file) is in  

public  domain because  its copyright has expired.

go to our Special Page


Be our Guest, Street View!

Street View currently covers Greek territory at a 60-70 percent general rate, emphasising mainly on urban centers, popular tourist destinations and areas that house archaeological sites



Travelling to or from the Aegean


Illicit immigrants might be travelling with you Go to the Greek2m Xclusive story, June 25,2014

NEW! New airport security measures to US: What they mean for passengers

-- Air passengers heading for United States are to be subjected to new security checks that could see them delayed if their electronic device has a dead battery.

A U.S. government official has told CNN the measures are in response to new intelligence that terror groups are trying to build new, harder-to-detect explosive devices.

VISIT the  Terror in Greece, Greek2m Updated Page

NEW!  Stay Healthy and Safe on the Greek boats to the islands . A must-read Guide and a shocking Health alert   

Go to our Greek2m Special Alert Story for Travelers to and from the Aegean islands, as of June 25, 2014

Where in time is this?

Is this real?
Yes. The Girl and the Gold also

 Ancient sculpted gold, nowdays, for your eyes only  Find out in which museum in Greece you can enjoy how the golden ages's Greeks treasurred Beauty on our fully updated Museums Page

Cruising to Greece, of the most popular destinations, of course


Greek ports are among the most popular ports of call in Europe with Santorini, Corfu and Mykonos taking three of the top 11 most popular “port of call” ports in Europe. Greece’s main port Piraeus is fifth most popular home port in Europe (fourth in the Med) – with a throughput of 1.3 million passengers, up almost one percent on 2012.

Greece has maintained its ranking as the third most popular cruise destination in Europe, with 4.6 million passenger visits in 2013, according to figures released on 16 June by the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) Europe 

The Greek island of Mykonos is 
Mykonos, the seventh most expensive destination in the world in terms of hotel prices this summer
according to survey on the summer 2014 travel trends for UK travelers based on data from hotel comparison by website Trivago, find more on Travel to Greece Information by our Special Page

Have you met Kyhtera? In this beach, Aphrodite was conceived, as the first IVF of this planet...

"...The history of Kythera goes back to the mists of time.

According to mythology, when Saturn and Uranus were fighting for the cosmos, the genitals of Uranus fell into the sea of Kythera and from foam the goddess Aphrodite emerged.

Antikythera island, located in the passage between Kythera and Crete, has a shipwreck from the 2nd quarter of the 1st century BC..."

 learn more by the Kythera story

UK Hangover
 Awareness campaign  unfolding in Greece since June 2014

As thousands of Brits have already started arriving in Greece for their summer holidays Greek Consular Network is unfolding its awareness campaign for young British tourists, Holiday Hangover.

With Greece receiving close to 2 million British visitors annually, the British Consular Network in Greece is committed to taking steps to work with local authorities, local communities and stakeholders to ensure that as many British visitors enjoy safe and problem-free holidays. The co-operation that the UK receives in these efforts from the local authorities and businesses is essential in making sure that the messages reach as many young British tourists as possible.
More, by

Yes, sun+ beach!  408 beaches and 10 marinas in Greece have been recognized this year for their excellent seawater quality, litter management, organization of the swimming area, safety procedures for bathers and protection of the environment, among other factors, as announced on May on 7 May by the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature  for the 2014 Blue Flag quality award Go to our special Page

Secrets of the gods' life, by greek2m

Sexy Greeks, longwise

People who worked as doctors in Ancient Greece suggested sex as a way to combat diseases such as: depression, dyspepsia, icterus, lower back pain, weak vision and more... Since then till now, learn the sexy secrets of this land . Find everything about that, and how to organise food for your day menu to become a hot Greek god...

Go to our Special Page for more


What to eat to fight
 The miracle
fresh diet for ur sun kiss..

Eat your suncreen ! True ! Take advantage of the rich nutritional value of the Greek land fruits and veggies and follow the best smart menu for a sun -kiss-tan  in Greece . Visit our special Page 

WOW! NAVIGATE youself new online sailor's guide mySea

Help Save Greek Bees

Greek honey, 2nd in exports in Europe, reports 70% drop in production

This will be the most luxurious resort of Mediterranean!

Australian group of investors have announced plans to build a mega luxury resort on the southern shores of the Greek island of Ithaca.

The planned ILIAD resort will include six luxury hotels and 1,020 suites, a marina to accommodate 200 yachts (and possibly cruise ships), an 18-hole Greg Norman designed golf course and a waterfront village .More

be Aware in Jacouzi, old showers,

public spas,

AND NOT ONLY The Greek CDC Alert on Legionella for cruiseships and hotel accomondations FULL STORY

A simple single mask in the Travel Health Village.  Greece's success on a lucky-unlucky arrival.The first MERS Case in Greece

 The Greek MERS case Saudi traveler was wearing a mask during all his flight from Jeddah to Athens and also all the way to the hospital where he seeked assistance on the day he arrived in Greece.

Greece did show Rapid Emergency Response on restraining a possible imported cluster of MERS, at the Entry Points, says professor Sotiris Tsiodras, a top Greek CDC Public Health Advisor. But this time, he adds, it was the traveler's mask that made the difference.

 How lucky, or unlucky was finally such a patient to fly to Greece...

Go on our fully detailed article 

by Greek to me !  moodhacker,  April 24

Unique for healing, first in the world ,the extra virgin olive oil

As first quality in the world the Greek olive oil won 12 Gold winning Awards . Find out why you should consume more and more of the virgin Greek olive oil By Greek2m

World Travel Awards Europe Gala Ceremony 2014 is being held on August 2nd at Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso in partnership with the Greek Tourism Ministry, the Greek National Tourism Organisation, and the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises and will include top entertainment and the presentation of the most coveted awards in the industry. - See more

Delta nonstop flight Athens-NY relaunched

Delta Air Lines seasonal nonstop flight between Athens Eleftherios Venizelos Airport and New York JFK relaunched its services on 18 May 2014.

The flight will operate daily throughout the summer season using an Airbus A330-300 aircraft with 292 seats in conjunction with Delta’s joint venture partner Air France KLM and Alitalia

Don’t be a target tourist, please!

Travellers, check your Insurance , and watch your steps while in Greece, warns UK   In Greece,continuing economic turmoil means “there is likelihood for protests, especially in Athens”, advises specialist travel insurer Columbus Direct. “Tourists are advised to stay away from such demonstrations — travel insurance generally excludes claims caused by civil unrest.” In the past couple of years, insurers note reports of Greek hospitals refusing the European Health Insurance Card, which provides state healthcare at a reduced rate or free of charge in EU countries.More, by London Evening Standard, . More on your safety and protection in Ememrgency moments in Greece, visit our Special Alert Page 



possibly be

closed  on the moment you might  need it

due to repeated strikes oh the pharmacists that take place continuously on this time of the year , You will recognize Greek Pharmacies around blocks, or on the streets, by the "Green Cross" emblem. Officially they are open during normal business hours (8:00 AM to 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM to 8:30 PM), But there is only one and best way to find which of them will be open on specific time: If you need medicine during the night or weekends you can find which pharmacy is open by checking the schedule which is posted on every pharmacy door.

"Here's something you don't see  everyday ,Sarah Jessica's Parker beach body!" commented the US magazine on August 23, 2013 .And Indeed! The long known for her love of high fashion,, Sarah, who rarely has been photographed in a swimsuit. But during a recent yacht vacation near Kefalonia, Greece,  showed off a glimpse of her still-toned physique and cleavage in a simple blue one-piece. And not only her !

Enjoy the Greek summer glam on our Celebrities Greece Page

Who stepped first
on Red Carpet?

He was Greek. A King

And the Red Carpet Ritual was

 rolled out by his loving wife for his

Victorious Welcome after Trojan war. Then she killed him. She plays the loving, waiting wife who attempts to persuade Agamemnon to step on a red tapestry to walk into “his” palace as a true returning conqueror". For the religious Principles of Ancient Greece, though, the carpet ritual could  indicate  to the Gods the scale  arrogance , and indignity , the "hybris" that the human could provoke the Gods' anger. Learn why on our Culture Page

Greece, wake up the gods!

Apollo rose from the sea

Lost for centuries, a rare bronze statue of the Greek god Apollo has mysteriously resurfaced in the Gaza Strip, only to be seized by police and vanish almost immediately from view.

Word of the remarkable find has caught the imagination of the world of

archaeology, but the police cannot say when the life-sized bronze might re-emerge or where it might be put on display.Archaeologists have not been able to get their hands on the Apollo – to their great frustration.. More , by Guardian

Discover the Healing Side of Greece by meeting the ancient -miracle hotsprings around the country  The birthland's of Alexander the Great Hotspring, The Hercules', and  the one at the very exact "Thermopylai ", the Hot Gate where the famouls Battle of "300" took place, are just the few of the 700 and more , still virgin, Earth and Sea truly natural thermal spas Enjoy ...

More by Independent Online Travel, April 17, 2014

Such an atrocity! 

Turkey: 3,249 children lost, many in Far East as sex slaves ANSA MED, May 13 ....According to the founder of the Lost Children Platform  followed their trails in several countries, including Syria and Afghanistan, as well as Europe and the Far East, where many children are trapped by human traffickers. Some children are being used as experimental subjects, while some others sold as prostitutes... ..More on our special page

The Aegean Ditch of Syrian Exodus

Petros Giannakouris/Associated Press - An African immigrant, one of the 32 from Syria and Somalia who survived from one of the deadliest migrant boat accidents on May 5 in Greek waters, At least 22 people, including families and children trapped in a flooded cabin, drowned More by Worldbulletin

40 migrants rescued by Greek coast guard Monday May 12, 2014  off the island of Lesvos after one of the passengers called emergency services on a cell phone

Unceasing efforts of the Greek CDC for Poliovirus surveillance 

Read more on our Greek to me ! Special Story by moodhacker, April 2014 

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