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Attractive Greece

Athens, Greece, become Hub for Travel and Health Tourism Expos and Conferences

"One trip, amazing diversity of experience in just a few days visit to Greece" said in her speech Greek tourism minister.welcoming the Asta Expo participants and the ceremony's guests , stressing that Greece has a coastline of with more than 100 inhabited islands, 18 UNESCO world heritage sites and the  the most thermal therapeutic springs in all of Europe  Read Full Post »

Medical Travel

IMTJ Medical Travel Summit 2018 to be held in Athens in May with the Participation and by the Auspicies of Elitour 

Culinary Greece

Sea Greece

Travel Relations

"Greek local communities and mayors would love to have more American visitors ..."

US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey R.Pyatt

Health Travel Greece


#Wellbeing: Original Greek


Healthy food in Greece

Food and Drink in Early Modern Greece

How old and how traditional is the Greek Food culture ?

What did Greeks eat before the introduction of potatoes, tomatoes and other “foreign” foods?

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Longevity Greece

Meet the Greek centenarians' secret: It's social life!

A person’s social life might contribute as a  much more citical factor to longevity than previously thought.

No wonder the same happens at the Greece's Blue Zone island, Ikaria, where studies analyzing the lifestyle of the Greek centenarians found that Read Full Post »

The Healing Greek Coffee  The special Greek Coffee, has been proved to promote heart health protect against heart attack and lead to longer life 


Mood Lift in Greece  

the Green Blue Space Effect to Change your Brain in Greece   


Historic  Greece

Greece The Grateful, the Historic Greek Independence Symbolic Painting, that Tsipras Moved Away from his Office

Greece Τhe Grateful is the painting of Theodoros Vryzakis, created in 1858  a work of special symbolismportraying Greece in the form of a new crowned woman, in ancient style dress, amidst the 1821 Revolutionary fighters, breaking the chains of slavery...Read Full Post »

Greek Easter Days

The Greek Orthodox Fasting longevity effects

A recent study on the Mout Athos monks diet in Greece published in Nature magazine,shown clear evidence for the health benefits

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Greece's May Flower Celebration


May in Greece, the Sensual Season

Enjoy the Nature's Dance of the Spring meet the Symbolism of May since Ancient Days  in Greece. Visit our  Special Page 

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Ancient Wellness 


Sea and Sun Health 

Eat your Sunscreeen!

Tips and more for Sun Protection in Greece 

Traveler's Health


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