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Let our Hymnes touch the sky 

The "Great and Sacred" Easter is the feast of feasts, the predominant glorious moment of Orthodox Christianity. It is the great day that brings more joy, more exquisite brilliance and glory, because it shows the divine light that radiates through the deified human nature of the risen Christ.

by the Hyffington Post , Big Friday, April 2014

Holly Light
touched Earth! 

    Greek Easter! 

From ancient times, the egg has been a symbol of the renewal of life, and the message of the red eggs is victory over death. (More on the history of red eggs at Easter.)

Video: How Greek Easter looked … in 1947

400 videos relating to Greece among 85,000 historic British Pathé newsreel films uploaded to YouTube

In scenes that can still be seen today, a group of people, mainly women, can be seen preparing the epitafios in central Athens. MORE by Enetet English

 "Fireworks and Riffles" Eastern tradition  turns deadly once again

Seven people  injured by fireworks on Santorini this Easter, four tourists in  serious condition 

The seven people were injured  during the Easter Celebrations, where traditionally fireworks are used each year on early Sunday hours.

The injured included three American tourists aged 51, 53 and 54 respectively, who were transferred by air from Santorini to Crete after suffering serious injuries from fireworks used by worshippers.Of them , one American woman is hospitalised at the moment in serious condition in Intensive Care Unit .

Four other people, two Cypriots and two Greeks, were also slightly injured in the same incident and received first aid on the Greece’s popular tourist island.

Report says the use of fireworks to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ is centuries-old tradition in Greece, but almost each year the country reports casualties caused by fireworks on Easter


I n Crete , a 25 years old Greek lost his life, and a 23 years old his eye(!) during the Easter night celebrations , where , traditionally fireworks are not enough . Riffles are shot on air as a feast special-effete...


Watch the Unique video of what happens on Easter  night on  Chios island ! an Unbelievable  ROCKET war between two churches...

Travel Health Alert for MERS in Greece. 77 passengers and doctors suspended to be examined .Quarantine Emergency Measures by the Greek CDC

Learn the worrying symptoms of MERS and why you should be conscious for destinations of the Arab Peninsula  on these moments . The Saudi MERS scandal and the epidemic clash of Jeddah

SOS! Cover up for bites 24/7

Protect you and your family form WNV, ( which might be mutated) , and also from malaria in certain agricultural areas .Learn why

Ouch! Sun is burning here even since early May . Protect yourself from heat , and get a healthy, sexy tan

Protect your pet  before coming in Greece. Rabies in Greece is back

Greece learn from your Past!

NEIN  by Angela ! 

(Today, April 18, 2014)

Asked by the Real News Easter Sunday 2014 Newspaper edition Angela Mercken spokesman said that his government's position is that all issues concerning compensations from WW2 are totally and definitively resolved.

There can be no process under which any government, or specific members thereof, such as Foreign ministers, can negotiate compensations”, added the German government spokesman. Still, the Greek government is leaking that the issue is in the final stages of being presented to Germany.More , by the Toc 

Famine and the German Boοt 

73 years ealier 

German soldiers and working children in Kavala, during the great famine in Greece, 1941 Unknown photographer,

 Released  by Wikipedia January 16, 2014

This image (or other media file) is in the public

domain  because  its copyright has expired. 

Germany owes to Greece, indeed

March 2014 German President Joachim Gauck dismissed Greek demands for Nazi-era war crimes and looting compensation  in visit to Greece instead offering a fund to “remind Germans of their past”, go to full article by , 

SPIEGEL:  Secret Athens Report: Berlin Owes Greece Billions in WWII Reparations (on April, 2013)

" The total could be enough to solve the country's debt problems, but the Greek government is wary of picking a fight with its paymaster.A panel of experts, commissioned by the Greek Finance Ministry, spent months working on the report -- an 80-page file classified as "top secret. More by Spiegel Article 


"Are we in a war?" 

A German Member of European Parliament,  but a Greek, says  yes!

On  a smashing interview on the New

Euope magazine

a German MEP,but a Greek, Chatzimarkakis and now head of the new party, the Hellenic European Citizens Party, says there have been discussions from Germany about a continuation of the rescue package for Greece after the upcoming European elections. 

The Picture above is launched by Deutsche Welle, one year before, showing Acropolis,( small ), on the background, and the Greek flags inverted, by the cross of the Greek flag shown as cut off  . Symbolic, isn't it ?  

for more about figures, science and greek deaths during austerity times , go to the Genocite  

Greece: The Poorest Country in Europe

The review mentions that Greeks, despite working the longest hours in Europe, earn the lowest salaries. In 2008 to 2013, the real Gross Disposable 

Household Income (GDHI) declined 14.8% in Greece, the second highest percentage in the EU after Ireland (-16%). The main reason for the decline was tax increases, pension reductions and the limited impact of social protection expenditure. - See more greek reporter, April 1 .

Is Greece  really

Travellers may become victims of cyber-attacks, cybercrime, monitoring or surveillance when traveling to certain countries where there is strong scientific competition, or where violence and crime are prevalent, notes the NDCU special page,

In most countries you have no expectation of privacy in Internet cafes, hotels, offices, or public places..Visit our New update Page for your protection 

  • A former MP and former Secretary of the socialist Pasok party  slapped with felony charges for violating state secrets. 
  • Six men, one of whom , National Intelligence Agency's (EYP) agent 
and its former espionage director  charged for  forming a gang that plotted to assassinate the prominent journalistKostas Vaxevanis 
  • Samaras' spokesman

 has been permanently expelled from the Union of Athens Daily Journalists 

due to his role in the government’s decision to suddenly pull the plug on public broadcaster ERT

But so, what ?  go to our full sotry

Hey!  Did you notice?

There is a Human Rights Report for Press Freedom in Greece 2013 by the US Department of State. And not only for the Press.  For more visit  Press, Spies & Information War  

Greece Sees Fragile Signs of Recovery

Most Greeks know the term vicious cycle — or favlos kyklos. But when you ask them the Greek phrase for virtuous cycle, they often struggle to find the term or even deny it exists. After six years of  recession it is not surprising that vicious cycles loom large in the Greek psyche. But there is also a Greek expression for virtuous cycle — enaretos kyklos — and the country may be beginning to enjoy one., By the NYT ,April 13, 2014

Opposition to EU/IMF bailout party ahead on pre-elections Polls 

of the governing party  the leader of the Greek opposition Alexis Tsipras accused the finance minister of being "the key administrator of a death contract against the Greek people".

Alexis running also for   EU's Comission President  the leader of Greek  Leftist Syriza, which opposes Greece's EU/IMF bailout and the tough conditions that come with it, would get 19 percent of the vote if EU elections were held now, two percentage points ahead of Samaras's New Democracy, the poll showed reports Reuters today ...More on our full article, Europe This is the Success, by moodhacker Greek to me !

The Reality Behind the Greek 'Success Story'

" more on  Huffington Post UK article 



leaders speak as if the crisis is past, a succession of reports tell a different story

 A recent survey by Roman Catholic charityCaritas portrays the social fabric at breaking point. "What we are seeing is growing inequality and the appearance of a whole class of new poor," says the charity's social policy officer Artur Benedyktowicz. MORE ON Greece remains Europe's laboratory; an economic experiment , BBC com 

The Crisis takes 
it all...

 the No Mercy Greece


Let's slice 

Greek Health 

like salami...

Health Minister to Paul Thomsen:

“Tell me Paul, do you know about salami? Because if you do, then you know that if you eat it whole you could choke and die. But, if you slice it and eat a slice at a time you enjoy it.” , meaning the Communication Process by which a wise politician should proceed to reforms announcing them to the "mass" step by step!  For more details go to the TOC article 

First official scientific study proves Crisis is killing Greeks

A new study in the most recent issue of Lancet points to the first indications of a rise in mortality in Greece linked to the crisis  The highest number in greek people deaths has been recorded  in 2012 since 1949 , by a shocking increase in the number of deaths in the oldest individuals reaching  12·5% and 24·3% increases in people aged 80—84 years and older ,This trend is probably related to barriers to access health care and not only  Check all the scientific research by visiting our new Genocite Page  

Tax crows paid by EU money for 

Anger management


made obligadory

 by greek gov 

Read the incredible article that will made you more furiousthan the Greeks today 

have the luxury to be ... 

go to Greek to me ! full story, March 2014  

Greek to me !

Save yourself and your beloved ones in Case of Emergency in Greece


Be aware of Health and Safety Alerts in Greece and the Mediterranean 24/7 


Share the traditional longevity secrets of this land, and meet Greek -islanders who  forget to die  



Sailing Greece  idyllic but expensive The Greek Marinas Association (GMA) has reported a number of departures of foreign-owned yachts due to the new charges imposed since the start of the year on recreational vessels.The increased taxes, a grab for the government's share of the income generated by foreign yachts cruising Greece, threatened to make visiting Greece an expensive affair. The new regulations received much attention from cruising sailors and international organizations, associations and unions active in the maritime tourism domain  More by Balcanscomv


Tourism in Greece, a second consecutive record
“Forecasts show 2014 will be another record year,” said Andreas Andreadis, president of the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises. As many as 18.5 million tourists will visit Greece this year, compared with 17.9 million in 2013, “Almost all traditional and new markets are showing positive, encouraging signs.” More, Balkans com


In Athens, the Last Man Painting  Mr. Dimitriou, 78, has never met a Hollywood star, but he has painted thousands of them. Nearly every week since the age of 15, he has immortalized legends of the screen in dreamlike friezes of love, anger, pride or temptation — Today, he is the last living movie billboard painter in Greece, and one of only a handful in Europe,,,More, by the NYT,Feb.26


Hilton in Crete After Athens and Kos, a third Hilton hotel is about to open in Greece, this time in Crete, by Dolphin Capital Investors (DCI) as the group appears poised to kick off a series of multifaceted investments worth a total of more than 1 billion euros in five destinations across the country between 2014 and 2016. More, ANSA med,Feb24

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 your 24/7 mobile guide to keep you and your family Healthy in Greece      

You are located at one of the most healthy lands on earth. Blessed geophysically, the greek Motherland has nousihed since ancient times the mind and body of the western culture man. Still, the sunny land nowadays provides a reach variety of its "bio treasures" that promise a happy mind-body unforgetable experience

Unfortunately the national devastating financial crisis of the recent years has damaged Health services, and continues to threaten Public Health Safety seriously for anyone, Greek or the foreigner, who is not aware of the potential risks. The explosion of illicit immigration weakens the public immunity, which, though, has been kept strong up to now, despite the chaos that local and international citizens have to face in the need of viziting a National Hospital. 

The greek2m mobile Guide is your live social media friend on hand, available anytime anyplace, as a life navigator for the Greek land,  to help you and your beloved ones get the most of  the longevity secrets of the country, and on the same time be for you always on the ALERT for any life threatening cicumstances

Olympics under scrutiny 
the tragic cost of hosting the world

 The Glam and the Fall 
Greece Before (2004), and After (2014).       

Today's civilization Index  for each country in modern societies, is probably shown on the concept-content- &performance of Public events. Watch ( left) what Greece did on the Olympic Games Celebration in 2004, and How Athens celebrated New Years' Eve 2014. The contrast makes the viewer  think for this years' event, which was supposed to inspire  the Nation's hope and joy for the coming year, as a bad version of Les Miserables. The truth hurts more. There is such a misery all around, there was such a misery on these moments around the place of the fiesta, that no artist dared or had the courage to express any thing more joyfull than this ( right) .Some steps away from the 2014 fireworks  the new-poor middleclass homeless were sleeping on the streets, waiting for the states' mercy to allow them, at least,  in 2014, to stay alive..  For 2014, hope for Greeks is not allowed.

Greeks' blessed


 their politicians Luck!  

"Look Who is talking" for the Athens elections, reminds us Nick Malkoutzis at Agora 

By no sound , but crying voice, the streets in Athens hold the pain of the Greek public, exorcising the terror of this life's fate that is shadowing each single moment, in a city that became more haunted than anyone could have thought.....

Go to the interesting story of Anchorage News which surprised us by the sensitive focus on the Greek Soul painted Walls

MERS ALERT in Greece, Taxi driver located by the Greek CDC, three in Quarantine, Saudi traveler in Intensive unit  Passengers from the flight of Jeddah to Athens on Thursday 17, that were sitting on nearby seats of the MERS- infected traveler, are set on quarantine by the Greek Centers of Disease Control , as is the patient's wife , who is set under screening surveillance by the Emergency Infectious Disease Team of the Greek CDC.

Also the taxi driver who had transfered the patient form Venizelos Athens Airport to his residence in Greece, is finally obtained by the Greek CDC. with the help of the police and the announcements of the media, and is  provided the necessary instructions by the  infectious disease experts of the Greek Center of Disease Control , and is also set under virological examinations,More, on our fully detailed article .

Discover the Healing Side of Greece by meeting the ancient -miracle hotsprings around the country  The birthland's of Alexander the Great Hotspring, The Hercules', and  the one at the very exact "Thermopylai ", the Hot Gate where the famouls Battle of "300" took place, are just the few of the 700 and more , still virgin, Earth and Sea truly natural thermal spas Enjoy ...

More by Independent Online Travel, April 17, 2014



possibly be

closed  on the moment you might  need it

due to repeated strikes oh the pharmacists that take place continuously on this time of the year , You will recognize Greek Pharmacies around blocks, or on the streets, by the "Green Cross" emblem. Officially they are open during normal business hours (8:00 AM to 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM to 8:30 PM), But there is only one and best way to find which of them will be open on specific time: If you need medicine during the night or weekends you can find which pharmacy is open by checking the schedule which is posted on every pharmacy door.

Large car bomb explosion 

outside Greece’s central bank Thursday morning, hours before Angela Mercel's arrival in Athens, shaked buildings for blocks around but causing no injuries. The blast came as the Greek government announced a triumphant return to international bond markets for the first time in a four-year economic crisis, in which the government accepted multibillion-euro bailouts from international creditors in exchange for austerity conditions that have left many Greeks struggling financially. More By NYT, April 10, 2014

 Greece, VIP glam


The International jet set personas will step their foot on  Scorpio island on June 4, the birthday of the eldest daughter of Dmitry Rimpolovlef . Ekaterina Rimpolovleva will go out 25 candles on  her birthday cake.

Ekaterina , who appears as the official owner of the island ,arrived incognito in Greece for a 24hours trip. The young girl made ​​the ride to the island , spoke to the members of the staff who keep year-long the glorious villa of Skorpios there throughout the year , and gave the necessary instructions for the birthday party

The Rimpolovleva Ekaterina has already chosen a favorite of haute couture dresses in pale color. Scorpio will be floodlit festive . Private planes will land at Actium and super glamorous yachts will anchor around the island .

The Aegean ditch of Syrian Exodus

7 Syrian migrants and two children drown off Greek island, two still missing 

Unceasing efforts of the Greek CDC for Poliovirus surveillance 

 Authorities said they had recovered the bodies of seven immigrants, including two children, who drowned overnight when a boat sank in the eastern Aegean Sea, 2,8 miles ofF Lesvos island,after travelling illegally from nearby Turkey . The sea was calm... more our Greek to me ! Special Story by moodhacker, April 2014 

This is the Hellhole, World! inGreece 

Media  report of serious beating and torture that possibly included electroshock prior to Kareli’s death and thus by a group of ten prison guards. According to Local News one of the prison guards has already confessed the torture that lasted 2,5 hours and occurred in a prison room. Other media report that a security camera at the corridor had recorded prison guards coming to and going from that specific room.Before its News, April  2014

Scream of dispair to the

World's humans


Tuberculosis patients,and multi-resistant tubreculosis patients,    Heart and kidney patients, and so many others,suffering from diseases, contagious and chronic, are stuck together in this warehouse of souls . The "kolastirio", in greek language is what they call the “hellhole” , -the greek prisons' hospital in Korydallos area, where this government;s juridical justice throws its prisoners-, told its story to the world... 

More by  Greek2m  The Hellhole of Juridical Justice in the Medieval today's Greece

visit also the Human Rights Violation Page

Appalling pictures of half-naked models sitting on the graves or posing holding the grave cross with the name of the deceased. in the Greek Cypriot cemetery in the Turkish-occupied Cyprus,

 For More, go to Before it's News 

First in 1,200 Years Ecumenical Council of the Orthodox Churches  to be

 held  in Istanbul

The 2016 council will be held in Hagia Irene, a Byzantine church building in the outer courtyard of the Ottoman sultans' Topkapi Palace. Now a museum, it has not been used as a church since the Muslim conquest of Constantinople in 1453.

for more, and a photo Gallery Orthodox Easter moments, go to Huffington Post news story


Greece, wake up the gods!

Apollo rose from the sea

Lost for centuries, a rare bronze statue of the Greek god Apollo has mysteriously resurfaced in the Gaza Strip, only to be seized by police and vanish almost immediately from view.

Word of the remarkable find has caught the imagination of the world of

archaeology, but the police cannot say when the life-sized bronze might re-emerge or where it might be put on display.Archaeologists have not been able to get their hands on the Apollo – to their great frustration.. More , by Guardian

Εrror! H1N1 flu victims more than 110,while epidemic expected to last 
Greek CDC to patients: Be sure you get  antivirals

 Don’t be a target tourist, please!

Travellers, check your Insurance , and watch your steps while in Greece, warns UK   In Greece,continuing economic turmoil means “there is likelihood for protests, especially in Athens”, advises specialist travel insurer Columbus Direct. “Tourists are advised to stay away from such demonstrations — travel insurance generally excludes claims caused by civil unrest.” In the past couple of years, insurers note reports of Greek hospitals refusing the European Health Insurance Card, which provides state healthcare at a reduced rate or free of charge in EU countries.More, by London Evening Standard, . More on your safety and protection in Ememrgency moments in Greece, visit our Special Alert Page 

Greece show me the gold

Canada’s Eldorado Gold Corp

(TSX:ELD) (NYSE:EGO) said  it now expects to begin construction at Perama in late 2014, as opposed to the previously announced July deadline.

When referring to its larger Skouries project, also in northern Greece, Eldorado Gold said it is set to continue “in full development mode” this year.

Local activists said they are concerned for residents' livelihoods as the region where the Canadian miner is planning to open two new mines largely depends on income from tourism, fishing, farming and beekeeping

 Greek Heroes of the world, today

Young hero honoured for bravery

Teenager Peter Gouskos was honoured on Australia Day for his bravery after saving his grandparents from their burning house by Neos Kosmos


Who stepped first on Red Carpet?

He was Greek. A King . 

And the Red Carpet Ritual was rolled out by his Loving Wife for his Victorious Welcome after Trojan war.   

Then she killed him. 

 The carpet may have been purple rather than red, although there are conflicting views on the archaeologists' studies .She plays the loving, waiting wife who attempts to persuade Agamemnon to step on a red tapestry to walk into “his” palace as a true returning conqueror".  For the religious Principles of Ancient Greece, though, the carpet ritual could  indicate  to the Gods the scale  arrogance , and indignity , the "hybris" that the human could provoke the Gods' anger.  More on  Culture Page

Greece, the refugees' crossroad

The oldest refugee in the world , 107 , alive in Athens

 “I was not sure I would see the morning last night,” Sabria Khalaf, a 107-year-old refugee from Syria told the Globalist's  reporter in Athens in January. She is the oldest refugee in the world. Her story is a crossroad between tragedies of war and sectarianism, and a world overwhelmed by the increasing population of refugees fleeing unending conflicts, More, by the Globalist, Feb11

Marry me in Greece!

Greek islands on top of the dream, one of Asia's leading hotel booking sites and part of Nasdaq-listed Priceline Group (Nasdaq:PCLN), today announced the results of their Global Honeymoon Survey, which shows the Maldives is the top dream honeymoon, by the Greek islands coming on second place. Research was conducted in January and February 2014, among more than 15,000 customers who were asked to pick their dream honeymoon location from among 20 destinations. 

 Travelers' high

A Wine tour of Greece ,17 - 24 Oct 2014  A ‘land-based’ Greek wine tour and the revised itinerary takes in Naoussa and other great wine regions in Northern Greece, before proceeding to the Peloponnese on a route that takes the visitor through stunning countryside, past famous archaeological sites and to stay in beautiful out of the way towns.

Greeks probe
 ‘Social’ Economy

 Struggling to keep his business afloat under the weight of unpaid invoices and constant demands for bribes, the owner, Savvas Mavromatis, decided to give their proposal a shot. He started selling his products directly to consumers for cash at fixed prices through a nonprofit collective, instead of to shops and traders as he had always done. “We are in the middle of a terrible crisis and are just looking for solutions,We don’t have a magic wand. We are not communists and we are not capitalists, but we are trying to help people survive.More by the NYT

Tempt your senses by Greek to me !

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   Europe's Poverty Virus spreading 

the 17.9% of Greeks can’t afford to buy food

–( HIGHER PERCENTAGE than in countries with lower per capita income such as Brazil and China.)  SHOCK BY THE OECD REPORT! 

The report, entitled “Society at a Glance 2014″, details huge income losses incurred by Greeks during the period 2007-2012, averaging 4,400 euros per person – the highest among OECD countries and four times the eurozone average. The number of “jobless” families have almost doubled according to the report with one in five Greek adults living in a household where no member is working.  Any economic recovery, is stressing the report, is not expected to end to Greece’s social crisis quickly. Read the OECD Report 

 Traveler's safety

"We cannot and will not be the 'cellphone police' on board ,  flight attendants ... More by USA TODAY  


 Travel Awareness 

TSA Travel Tips Traveling With Personal Medical Electronic Devices

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